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‘Guys don’t get it’: Becca Moore trolls mystery man who wouldn’t stop texting in viral TikTok, enrages ‘alpha male’ YouTuber

'I think someone needs to stand up to him.'


Elizabeth Rose

Internet Culture

Posted on Dec 20, 2021   Updated on Dec 21, 2021, 10:00 am CST

Becca Moore’s latest TikTok of her agreeing to go on a date with a guy only after he told her he’d fly her on his private jet has done more than go viral. It has enraged a self-proclaimed “alpha male” YouTuber—who simply doesn’t seem to be in on the joke. 

You may have seen the 23-year-old star’s “Men Shouldn’t be allowed to have” videos on your FYP, where she jokes about basic necessities (like warmth) that only should “be for the girls.” But her latest viral TikTok series instead chronicles her experience after meeting a guy out at a bar one night. She initially had no clue who he was. 

“Well, you seemed really sweet. It was a pleasure to meet you but you don’t seem interested anymore so I guess I’ll ya if I see ya,” she was sent in a text she shared in a now-viral TikTok video.  

He’s right. Moore wasn’t interested and didn’t respond. She tells the Daily Dot she didn’t even know who he was until he sent a photo of the pair they took while out that night. 

“I forgot we took a selfie,” she responded and shared on her TikTok. Then the texts from him kept coming without a response from Moore. Including him asking her to meet him for a drink. 

“He just kept texting me and texting me every day,” Moore tells the Daily Dot. “I didn’t answer a single time.” 

Then he sends a picture of a private plane asking, “[W]anna come with me to Cali? I gotta go for work but we could have some fun…” 

Moore says the picture he sent was one of the first images she saw on Google when she looked up “private jet,” so she said, “Yeah, sure” just to see how he would respond. 

He replied: “Just kidding. Just seeing if you’d respond. Seeing what kind girl you are.”

Moore says it made good content for her page that has over 700,000 followers who stick around for her dry humor that pokes fun at men (or really anything that crosses her path).

“Guys don’t get it,” Moore tells the Daily Dot. “The girls are like ‘She’s kidding, how do you guys not see it?’” 

One guy wasn’t in on the joke, and he’s mad. Darius M. on YouTube made a 10-minute video about Moore’s interaction. Calling her out for being a “fake blonde” and implying that she’s a gold digger. 

“But what about the kind of guy he is to text me 700 times in a row,” Moore explains. “Then say I’m the bad person?” 

Darius M.’s YouTube channel has over 300,000 subscribers, and while he may think that this video will shut up Moore, she’s just getting started. 

Moore admits she was trying to figure out content to work on and Darius’ dating advice and Quizlet on how to become an alpha male is just what she needed. The quiz included what to do if a woman calls law enforcement on you and his videos call women “desperate” and “entitled.” 

“It obviously went right over his head,” Moore explains of Darius M’s response to her TikTok. “I feel like when a girl has a sense of humor people take everything she says very seriously and they don’t get the sarcasm. A dry sense of humor and a girl doesn’t register.”

But Moore admits that finding this side of YouTube has opened her eyes to something she didn’t know existed, and she is prepared to take on, with a sense of humor of course. 

“I feel bad for the people he’s going to influence,” Moore explains. “I’m just afraid that if a girl were to see his videos and no one is fighting back—I just think if I was younger I would take what he says to heart.” 

“I think someone needs to stand up to him.” 

And Moore is happily taking that on. 

As far as the guy from the original text, it might be best if he moves on. The TikToker still has no clue what his name is. She said she did see him at the bar after he texted her but hasn’t heard from him since. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Darius M and has not received a response. He has turned off comments on the video about Moore’s interaction.

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*First Published: Dec 20, 2021, 4:46 pm CST