Steve Bannon as a Wight Walker from Game of Thrones

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Conservative writer beautifully botches Bannon-‘Game of Thrones’ tweet

Is Ned Stark the Winter King?

Aug 19, 2017, 10:11 am*

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David Covucci

Politics, you see, is like a television show. You watch things happen. But what television show is politics like? Is it House of Cards, where the evil politics man does the politics? Maybe. Or how about The Sopranos, where the Italians do the politics with their hands? Maybe politics is like the Price Is Right, where the politics is done by lots of people, who all shout at the person onstage at the exact same time.

No, that’s Twitter.

Nefarious political adviser Steve Bannon left the Trump White House yesterday, and one conservative writer on Twitter felt it was exactly like the Game of Thrones. Exactly like it.




Like, first off, first off, FIRST OFF: The man who got beheaded by Joffrey explicitly didn’t understand the Game of Thrones. That’s why he got beheaded. Remember when he and Cersei spoke and she said, “You either win or you die?”

He died! He’s dead. That’s not understanding the Game of Thrones. That’s being dead!

And he most assuredly did not then become the Winter King (it’s possible he warped into someone else or was a Faceless Man, but he did not go beyond the Wall), because, second off, there is no Winter King. It’s the Night King. Who brings Winter. JFC SMH BEN.

But, like, lastly, politics is not Game of Thrones. There are no fire-breathing dragons in politics!!!

(Unless you count Ted Kenndy’s booze breath, heyoo.)

Anyway, because it was such a dumb tweet, and because what’s going on in America right now is way more important than any fictional septet going north to catch a wight and should be taken more way more seriously, people were rightfully dunking all over on Shapiro.

Which means Twitter also ate up its disjointed nature and poor comprehension of plot dynamics.

It soon went delightfully off the rails.

Others just pointed out how plain bad it was.

But anyway, given all that, there’s one last reason it’s terrible.



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*First Published: Aug 19, 2017, 4:30 am