Anthony Scaramucci demonstrating the divide between the ideological left and right

Screengrabs via ScaramucciPost/Twitter

Anthony Scaramucci is here to explain what is the Scaramucci Post is

Mooch Media is getting closer to launching.


David Covucci

Internet Culture

Ever since Anthony Scaramucci began tweeting from the handle @ScaramucciPost, those who enjoyed the volatile spectacle of his short, profane stint in the White House have been waiting to know what his new media venture would be.

Would it be a flame-throwing right-wing blog, a socialist fanzine, a fiscally liberal podcast, or a 24/7 Facebook Live video of those two cats ringing a bell for treats again and again?

Well, Scaramucci finally dropped two new videos explaining what the MoochPost is. And guess what? It’s centrist AF.

Mooch doesn’t even explain if it’s a blog! All he says is that it will be a “center lane in a two-lane highway.” (Of politics? Of life? Of that shitty section of I-95 in Connecticut that’s always backed up? No one knows.)

The MooPo will be about moderation (OK) and will be about what “is right and wrong in a society… as opposed to what is left and right.” Let the wise King Mooch tell us denizens of his land what is good.

He also repeatedly mispronounces “pendulum” (because that’s a difficult word to say). But he’ll be in the center of it, he repeats, possibly getting repeatedly hit with the pendulum, I guess, if we extend that metaphor out.

It will, however, Scaramucci promises, be a “world-class experience,” as if this were an upscale cruiseliner and not people writing blogs on the internet. He also dropped the same video on Instagram, essentially.

The Scaramucci Post launches Oct. 2.

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