Stay classy with this 8-bit take on “Anchorman”

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This is the classiest 8-bit movie remake you’ll ever see.

Sixty percent of the time, an 8-bit version of a pop culture behemoth works every time.

Anchorman 2 might be five months away from hitting theatres, but there’s always a good reason to relive one of the most-quoted comedy films of the last decade. Cinefix, a YouTube network for film-lovers, has put together a pixelated video game version of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy that’s every bit as rich as the mahogany in Ron Burgundy’s home.

The three-minute take means a lot of the movie’s gags are nixed, though there are a couple of references to classic games crammed in for good measure. We’ve seen plenty of 8-bit takes on popular shows and movies, from Arrested Development to Indiana Jones, but perhaps no others are quite this classy.

Photo via Cinefix/YouTube

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