Behold, the world’s most NSFW love song

This article contains sexually explicit material.

Almost every aspect of love and relationships has had at least one song dedicated to it, if not several. From Taylor Swift crooning about horrible ex-boyfriends to the smooth sounds of Boyz II Men promising to make love to you, the music industry seems to have the ins and outs of romance covered.

But they missed a spot: analingus.

Fortunately, YouTube music sensation Buckwheat Groats capitalized on this unfair omission with their song “Tonight I’m Gonna Eat the Butt.” It is a passionate, graphic love letter to this taboo maneuver.

Finally, couples everywhere who are about to take a crack at butt-licking can have an appropriate song on in the background.

Screengrab via Buckwheat Groats/YouTube

Mike Fenn

Mike Fenn

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