amazon worker drinks a canned margarita and smokes a cigarette in the warehouse break room, she is seen taking a few final sips before leadership takes her away


‘Homegirl said she stressed’: Amazon employee records co-worker smoking and drinking alcohol in break room

‘She probably the hardest worker.’


Lauren Castro

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In a viral video, a TikToker and Amazon employee, MarMar (@0fficalmarrr), shared a behind-the-scenes look at break time at a warehouse where one of his co-workers was drinking alcohol and smoking.

“It’s me being messy in the background…baby, homegirl said she stressed lemme take this puff and sip, sir,” the caption reads.

@0fficalmarrr It’s me being messy in the background…baby homegirl said she stressed lemme take this puff and sip sir 😂😂😂 #amazon #atlanta #shestressedout #iknowthatsright❗️❗️ ♬ original sound – 〽️ar 〽️ar

MarMar explains that they had just called for a break at an Amazon warehouse and began recording one of his co-workers sitting down at a table in the break room with a canned Lime-A-Rita and a lit cigarette.

“She did not come to play with you hoes…she came to slay bitch,” MarMar says, recording the woman from a distance.

At some point afterward, the TikToker says leadership was called to come get her. Before exiting the room, a man in leadership let her take a few sips from her drink while he took a photo.

“Only in Atlanta,” the overlay text reads.

In the comments section, users shared jokes about the worker and her coping mechanisms.

“She was [used] to working from home,” one user said.

“She probably the hardest worker,” another commented.

“Sis just needed that training money,” a third user said.

The Daily Dot reached out to MarMar via TikTok comment and Amazon via email.

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