alex jones on a horse shirtless infowars

Photo via Alex Jones/Twitter

It’s the photo they don’t want you to see!

Everyone’s making fun of sweaty Infowars man and radio conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. That is a given. Today, though, they’re making fun of him for a photo wherein he rides a horse. Shirtless. 

There is a war on for your mind, and one side of it is being fought by a Kevin James bobblehead on a horse who believes 9/11 was an inside job.

Naturally, the non-conspiratorial community (everyone) is taking the opportunity to score sick owns against Jones’ body, beliefs, and choice of footwear. 

The best, most ironical and self-owning part of all of this? Jones is also a peddler of nutritional supplements for men. As you can see, they do… whatever that was. 

The horse thing has also provided a great opportunity to remind people of Jones’ tantrums and wacky beliefs:

Even other conspiracy theorists are going after him. Nibiru, the alleged “Planet X” that Jones once disbelieved and now grudgingly accepts, is trending on Twitter:

(Sorry, this embed was not found.)

It is a great day to be Alex Jones, or be anyone other than Alex Jones.

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