Woman saves lone AirPod from subway tracks—and Twitter rejoices

Apple Airpods might be convenient, but they don’t come cheap. A new set with a charging case costs $159, and if you lose or break just one earbud—which is fairly easy to do—it will cost you $69 to replace it.

So you can imagine how upset a woman named Ashley Mayer was when she dropped one of her AirPods near the subway tracks.

She was right to not go after it. You don’t wanna go messing around on subway tracks. But it must have been frustrating having something so tantalizing close, yet still out of reach—especially when she returned to the same platform the next day to find it still lying there. Apparently, she asked for it to be rescued but it was going to be a whole thing.


That’s when Mayer decided to take matters into her own hands.

Using only her wits, a broom and some duct tape (the most American of inventions), Mayer headed back to the subway.

Where, despite a little bit of tension…


She triumphed.


Twitter rejoiced.


Even Good Morning America congratulated Mayer on her successful mission.

Although a few people were a little worried about the pod’s cleanliness.

Mayer even ran a poll to see if she should place the wayward pod back in her ear.

And at $69 a pop, it’s easy to guess the outcome.


Don’t worry too much. Mayer insists she thoroughly disinfected the earbud.

She even gave it a name: Righty.

It was certainly a harrowing tale, full of drama and suspense, and luckily one with a happy ending.

But it’s important to remember that not everyone is as lucky and clever as Ashley Mayer. What of all the poor people who lose an AirPod every day?

Well, one man has come up with a revolutionary idea that could forever eliminate this plague upon audiophiles. It seems crazy at first but just hear him out.

Nice thinking, Corey. Enjoy your inevitable fortune.


David Britton

David Britton

David Britton is a writer and comedian based in Rhinebeck, New York who focuses on internet culture, memes, and viral news stories. He also writes for the Hard Times and is the creator of StoriesAboutWizards.com.