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Airline exposes YouTube prankster who claims he stowed away in a suitcase

This impossible prank is fake.


David Britton

Internet Culture

By now most people know that a large percentage of YouTube “prank” videos are faked. Not everyone is as brave or stupid as Johnny Knoxville and his Jackass pals, but they all want the same level of fame and cash. 

YouTuber Adam Saleh is probably one of the best and worst examples of this behavior. His 2014 “Racial Profiling Experiment” video, which claimed to show him and a friend being harassed by the police, enraged both the NYPD and the Muslim community when it was exposed as fake.

Saleh later half-heartedly apologized for the video, but never took it down. To date it has nearly 2 million views.

Saleh was back at it again this week, when he posted a video that purports to show him stowing away on a commercial airline flight by hiding in a large suitcase. 

In the video, Saleh folds himself up into a suitcase and has his friends take him to the airport for the short flight from Melbourne to Sydney. Some quick editing makes it appear as if he’s being loaded onto the baggage check in Melborne. 

Then he miraculously appears unharmed in Sydney…

…where he precedes to annoy the crap out of a bunch of people who clearly do not give a fuck.

TigerAir was quick to debunk the video on Twitter, pointing out that it had security footage of Saleh boarding the plane.

Not to mention the fact that, even with a short one-hour flight, Saleh could have died of hypothermia at such high altitudes. Instead the video shows him as a sweaty mess.

Not to mention the fact that the bag would have weighed far too much to pass through airport security. Not to mention that, given that way airlines tend to treat luggage, Saleh would have shown up mangled on the other end. Not to mention that this is basically one of the stupidest ideas of all time. 

None of that has stopped the video from garnering nearly 400,000 views in just a few short days. 

All this makes you wonder: If Saleh keeps pulling outrageous stunts, lying to the public, then halfheartedly apologizing, is he eventually going to find himself in jail—or worse—the White House?

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