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A purrfect ending?

An abandoned kitten revived from a near-death experience is safe and recovering—thanks to the kindness of one redditor.


Fernando Alfonso III

Internet Culture

After saving a dying cat and posting its photo on Reddit Thursday, redditor ManofManyCats, 29, has taken some time to reflect on the flack he’s received and provide the Daily Dot with an update on the feline.

“The wee kitten has been dubbed Fortune as a punny name for both us being fortunate enough to aid her, and the fortune what was paid to the vets,” said ManofManyCats in an email interview with the Daily Dot. “She’s sleeping soundly in my computer lab at the moment, and it’s the first time she stopped purring since bringing the ‘lil girl home.”

On Wednesday night, ManofManyCats and his girlfriend, who goes by JenHadarian on Reddit, were sitting on the porch when a man walking his dog told them about an unresponsive stray kitten he had seen. ManofManyCats rushed the cat to the veterinary hospital where it was revitalized to the tune of $1,000. 

ManofManyCats posted a photo of Fortune on Reddit where some people commended him for his actions and shared their stray animal stories. Other people, like crash331 and NetNat, chastised him for spending so much money on an animal. ManofManyCats took the criticism in stride while his girlfriend defended the $1,000 vet bill.

“I teared up at a number of the stories posted, and am glad others were able to express their tales,” ManofManyCats  said. “To those that support my decision: cheers to you all. To those that disagree with it: you’re welcome to your opinion, though if placed into a similar situation I can only hope they wouldn’t follow what they post. The Reddit community is like the world, made of many varying people of many opinions. I do not hate others for their disagreement with me, that’s just silly.”

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