5-year-old is unbelievably excited to become a big brother

Five-year-olds tend to want to be big brothers and sisters.

Whether it’s because they want to exercise power over another human being or because they don’t understand how much stress a new baby will add to their parents’ lives, they don’t mind asking their parents over and over again when a new baby will arrive.

Thus, it’s not surprising to see how excited one particular 5-year-old got when his parents told him about their new addition. Look how earnest and sweet he is. He just can’t wait to tell his teacher!

Let’s briefly break down why this video and this kid are so cute.

  1. Had this been an American kid with an American accent, it would have been nice. But the British kid with the English accent makes it all the sweeter, especially when he fantasizes about pushing a pram.
  2. Kids are hilarious when they talk about how babies grow in bellies. At some point we’ll have to explain the anatomy of a woman’s reproductive system to them—maybe when they’re 6—but for now, the image of babies growing in bellies is wonderful.
  3. The moment at the 54-second mark when he becomes serious and declares, “He can sleep in my bed.” Talk about unselfishness. And, ahem, maybe ignorance. How’s the big brother ever going to get a good night’s sleep when the damn baby is crying all night long? Still, the selflessness stops the heart.

Congratulations to this future big brother—and to his parents, who should be proud that their boy is so excited for the future. Let’s check back with them all a year from now to see how excited they are about the new kid.

Photo via Lina Smith/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Josh Katzowitz

Josh Katzowitz

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