YouTube is a digital video platform created in 2005. It is home to user-uploaded content as well as brand content. YouTube has developed its own ecosystem of creators and fans who’ve elevated stars and kickstarted entertainment careers.

Miley Cyrus addresses her ‘ability to dip in and out of’ hip-hop in apology 
She apologized in the comments section of a fan's YouTube video.
Beauty YouTuber Jaclyn Hill is facing backlash for ‘moldy’ lipsticks
Customers are even reporting the lipsticks to the FDA.
YouTuber SpaztasticTV charged with reckless driving after cops watched his videos
'Normally, people want to ... hide their recklessness.'
YouTuber assaults wife after she anonymously criticized his videos—now he’s going to prison
He tied her up. Then, he punched and kicked her in the face.
The 15 best 4K YouTube channels
There's something for everyone.
Will Smith and Cardi B are big fans of their new deepfake
It turned Will Smith into Belcalis Smith. Okkkur.
Popular ASMR YouTuber Life with MaK is quitting YouTube (updated)
The 13-year-old is quitting YouTube after it removed several of her videos in an effort to combat its growing pedophilia problem.
Ben Shapiro makes D-Day about YouTube
Truly important stuff here.
12-year-old Fortnite star banned from Twitch for lying about his age
He can still stream on YouTube—thanks to his mom.
YouTube crackdown on extremism to ban thousands of videos
Videos denying the Holocaust and the Sandy Hook shooting will be targeted.
Conservative YouTuber allowed to continue racist, homophobic harassment (updated)
'YouTube isn't just failing queer creators. It's actively exploiting us.'
YouTube’s algorithm is reportedly helping pedophiles find home videos of kids
YouTube is changing its livestreaming policy in response.
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