YouTube is a digital video platform created in 2005. It is home to user-uploaded content as well as brand content. YouTube has developed its own ecosystem of creators and fans who’ve elevated stars and kickstarted entertainment careers.

The atonement of an alt-right troll
Baked Alaska says he's sorry about the whole white nationalism thing, and he's trying to help.
Man arrested after allegedly threatening to shoot YouTube employees
It’s only been 13 months since a woman opened fire at the California campus.
YouTube love triangle: ProJared’s mistress Commander Holly makes startling accusations
The third leg of the YouTube love triangle has spoken out.
Get emotional over this real-life pastor baptizing an anime girl in virtual reality
Washing away your real-world sins in virtual reality.
Tana Mongeau is going to VidCon a year after TanaCon disaster
Last year, she went up against VidCon—and lost badly.
Michael Jackson’s sons, Prince and Blanket, just launched a YouTube channel
First up: a 45-minute review of 'Avengers: Endgame.'
Lauren Love banned from Walmart after pretending to fire employees in YouTube prank
'I learned my lesson from this prank not to prank elderly people.'
Tati Westbrook is winning her YouTube feud with James Charles
She's gained millions of new subscribers.
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