Trump bans transgender people from serving in the military
The president argues that trans troops would be a 'burden' and 'disruption' to the armed forces.

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YouTube is a digital video platform created in 2005. It is home to user-uploaded content as well as brand content. YouTube has developed its own ecosystem of creators and fans who’ve elevated stars and kickstarted entertainment careers.

YouTube kid turns his dad’s disappointment into the perfect jam
Ben Wonder’s video, 'My dad has never been more disappointed in me,' has racked up 155,000 views in two days.
John Green opens up about his struggles with OCD
The author discussed how his own struggles with OCD inspired his new book, 'Turtles All the Way Down.'
Nielsen to finally start tracking YouTube and Hulu ratings
The ratings giant is getting in on this whole streaming thing.
Former ‘Planet Earth’ producer filmed having wild road-rage meltdown
Former BBC director Fergus Beeley did not hold back during the immediate aftermath of his car accident. The epic rant even topped Reddit.
NASA has put hundreds of the coolest testing videos you can imagine on YouTube
Watch footage from the 1940s to the present day.
Verizon admits to throttling Netflix streaming speeds
The service provider claims it's conducing 'optimization' tests.
The Mayweather-McGregor fight is breaking the internet—and the numbers prove it
'The amount of interest in this event is like nothing I’ve ever seen.'
YouTube hero eats a pepper every time Ariana Grande says ‘um’
'If this video doesn't show you how much I love you, I don't know what will.'
‘Despacito’ just became the most-streamed track of all time
The song smashed the all-time streaming record in just 6 months, racking up 4.6 billion plays across platforms.
American YouTube bro in legal trouble for Thailand railroad stunt
He has more than 3 million subscribers.
Kim Kardashian sets her sights on YouTube
The icon partners with Jaclyn Hill for a YouTube first.
YouTube sex vlogger Laci Green bullies trans activist with misinformation
She thinks trans women are forcing cis people to sleep with them. The internet begs to differ.