When someone has gone to the effort of making the Internet and the world at large an even slightly better place, they are da real MVP. Selflessness is all too rare a trait online, and we must celebrate those who practice it. They are the heroes we don’t deserve—but need.

Vanilla Ice refuses to evacuate for Hurricane Matthew
Will this washed-up rapper get washed out to sea?
Dad builds backyard ‘Ninja Warrior’ course for daughter—and she crushes it
5-year-old Lylah has the heart of a champion.
5th-grader has smart list of rules for thirsty boy who won’t let her be
'Do not speak to me unless it's a greeting, which will be never.'
‘F**k Tortoise’ saves his endangered species by having sex all the time
In praise of Diego, the Galapagos F**k Tortoise.
Girl in inflatable T-rex costume named homecoming queen
Quite an honor for this dino.
Please vote to name this baseball team the Staten Island Pizza Rats
How can we decide between Pizza Rats and Bridge Trolls?
Apple has the courage to do courageous thing, courageously
This is what bravery looks like.
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