Texas judge interrupts jury to say God told him defendant isn’t guilty
'When God tells me I gotta do something, I gotta do it.'
4 officers fired for taking free pizza instead of issuing tickets
Nobody wants to get a ticket—but everybody wants free pizza.
Did ‘Dear David,’ the child ghost, show up in an Instagram Story?
'I know what it looks like. What it probably is.'
‘Dear David’ child ghost follows Adam Ellis home for the holidays
Is that chill down your spine from the bomb cyclone or the return of ‘Dear David’?
People are really upset about these NSFW elf toy ads
Some expressed disgust—or were purely baffled by the lewd ads.
Minion steals part of man’s lawn—then taunts him on Facebook
The Minion vandal revealed his identity.
Wendy Williams rallies to finish hosting duties after passing out on live TV
The veteran TV host went down hard, but somehow finished.
The most amazingly weird Halloween costumes on Amazon
You too can be bewilderingly weird in just 48 hours.
Scary apocalypse message interrupts TV programming in California
'Extremely violent times will come.'
Risky Delta flight into Hurricane Irma leads to Twitter suspense story
The plane took less than an hour between landing and takeoff.
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