Dudes swallow AirPods in YouTube challenge video no one asked for
And you thought Tide Pods were bad.
Disturbing video shows man using dead baby shark as a bong
He set the video to viral song 'Baby Shark.'
‘Gender reveal lasagna’ is as unsettling as it is viral
Villa Italian Kitchen brings the ‘gender reveal lasagna’ unto us.
The 25 worst passwords of 2018
Please don't use these.
Man drunkenly orders Snorlax plush—but there’s one giant problem
Where's a Pokèball when you need it?
Drunk man purchases peacock, pig, and salamander in ill-fated online spree
These products are not available on Amazon.
Twitter is very creeped out by this Danny DeVito bathroom shrine
Someone really likes Danny DeVito.
Twitter suspended me for sharing a meme about Monster Energy Ham
Twitter has a policy about promoting counterfeit goods. But what if the 'goods' are a meme?
Stuffed animals can now come to life, thanks to soft robotics
It could have useful real world applications in disaster areas.
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