Vegan reports friends who fed her real chicken nuggets to police
In many states, food tampering is a felony.
The explosion at a bull semen factory generated a lot of obvious jokes
Firefighters had to dodge 'projectiles'.
Man learns girlfriend’s culture, decides he’s ‘better’ at it than her 
'Sounds like a racist fetishist who you should leave immediately before he embarrasses you and offends your family anymore.'
Grown man gets grounded by his father-in-law 
'Many will say this post is fake and I really wish it was.'
Kohl’s creates Facebook-driven clothes for millennials
Known as 'Curated,' the clothing line will be based on data.
Ted Bundy and Charles Manson stans are in a bizarre Twitter feud
Yes, unfortunately, the serial killers have stans.
Person dubbed ‘TV Head’ filmed dropping old TVs on porches
Don’t look a gift TV Head in the mouth.
Chinese rapper severs his finger on live stream to prove innocence in sex scandal
Beibei was reportedly issued a five-year streaming ban.
Woman details finding a rat in her toilet, horrifying the internet 
It's a phobia you didn't realize you had.
Wait, how tall is Peppa Pig?
The same height as Shaq, apparently.
Penis necklaces are a thing, apparently
'It's classier than it sounds.'
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