Twitter hates this ‘muzzle’ for making phone calls private
'The fact that this even exists is proof we live in hell world.'
4chan hoax about euthanizing pit bulls has animal lovers enraged
The latest hoax is trying to 'escalate the hysteria' around the breed.
Pelicans invaded college graduation—and nobody knew what to do
Some in the crowd screamed in surprise.
A woman left a restaurant a 3-star Yelp review—and then things got weird
The review was originally three stars—now it's one.
Jeff Bezos’ new mansion comes with 25 bathrooms—and Twitter is losing it
Meanwhile, his employees sometimes pee in bottles.
Woman seeks firefighters’ help for her high AF raccoon
The creature celebrated 4/20 a little early.
This student’s ‘late for class’ dance is the stuff of legends
Did this guy purposefully show up late just to dance?
Videos of woman eating ice are the latest viral trend in China
Some people find hearing women eat ice relaxing.
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