#EndSmearFear is aiming to save lives
The viral hashtag encourages eligible people to get a smear test (or Pap smear).
Goop must pay $145K for misleading vagina egg
Gweneth Paltrow's company has been ordered to stop making unsubstantiated medical claims.
Fitbit finally adds period tracking to its smartwatch app
Period tracking is an important metric smartwatches and health apps often overlook
‘In the Kitchen’ is the reproductive justice cooking show you never knew you needed
Why not learn about fake abortion clinics while (not) baking a cake?
Surprise, the tax plan is terrible for women
It's just another attempt to gut healthcare and social services.
Filibuster queen Wendy Davis on how young women can make the most political impact
Advice from the former senator who famously held her ground for 11 hours for abortion rights.
Massachusetts mandates copay-free birth control
This protects women even if Trump were to further roll back Obamacare coverage.
Fear of boobs should not stop you from giving women CPR
A new study shows just how little we understand women's bodies.
The 2017 election was an important victory for reproductive rights
Many winners campaigned on women's access to healthcare.
Your birth control options, ranked from most effective to least
You might be surprised how your birth control stacks up.
The Trump official who oversaw Jane Doe’s case has a troubling anti-abortion history
For starters, he doesn't have a medical background.
Notre Dame drops birth control coverage under Trump’s ‘religious freedom’ policy
It's one of the first to take the administration up its anti-contraception-coverage offer.
Trump rolls back mandatory birth control coverage
This could leave hundreds of thousands of women without coverage.
Sofia Vergara does first nude cover shoot—for a noble cause
She's selling underwear... with a purpose.
Why you need to know about HR 586, the ‘personhood’ bill on abortion
The bill would establish that human life begins at fertilization.
‘This is what democracy looks like’: Scenes from the Women’s March on Washington
A movement of activists and women, described as the new 'vocal majority,' gathered in D.C. for a historic protest.
Every question about the Women’s March on Washington answered
Don't forget to bring a phone charger.
Women are stockpiling the morning-after pill now that birth control access is in danger
Once again, women are being forced to take their health into their own hands.
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