Looking at the technology that enables us to strap on a headset and go into virtual world, or augment the spaces around us. From Facebook's Oculus to startups that are trying to take VR mainstream, we look at how the tech is impacting our culture.

Virtual reality is a surprisingly great tool for therapeutic conversations
Pouring your soul out as a drunk, floating anime girl.
VRPorn.com lets you sample the best of virtual reality
VRPorn is cost-effective, but does it doesn't compromise quality.
Augmented reality app lets you sample BDSM gear straight from home
Figure out if your new kink cage will fit in the living room.
The hopeful, problematic world of VR porn games
Virtual reality has a horny future. But we're still getting there.
The best live TV apps for Oculus Go and Oculus Quest
Now this is how you really cut the cord.
Get emotional over this real-life pastor baptizing an anime girl in virtual reality
Washing away your real-world sins in virtual reality.
Facebook hid creepy messages inside its VR controllers
Secret phrases meant for prototype controllers included in consumer models.
Virtual reality and the future of work
VR isn’t simply a collaboration tool, but rather a tool for creating shared experiences, perceptions, and even mindsets among co-workers.
Microsoft employees want to cancel a $479 million contract with the U.S. military
"Intent to harm is not an acceptable use of our technology."
The future of VR gaming is in arenas
Inside MassVR's laser tag-like warehouse bonanza.
Everything you need to watch Netflix in VR
Netflix is playing it safe with VR, but there's plenty to watch.
A complete guide to watching VR porn
Nothing's sexier than a headset.
The top 30 hottest porn stars in virtual reality today
Keep an eye out for new work from these top VR stars.
The future of Hulu may be in VR
Grab your goggles—Hulu has entered VR.
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