VidCon is an annual conference for digital video founded in 2010 by Hank Green. It meets each summer in Anaheim and features top digital creators, primarily from YouTube. It functions both as an industry gathering and a massive fan event, and has also bridge the area in between for budding creators looking to learn from their idols.

Tana Mongeau is going to VidCon a year after TanaCon disaster
Last year, she went up against VidCon—and lost badly.
Hank Green on the downside of internet fame and telling a new story
‘I don’t know that anybody really knows what their true self is.’
It’s official: Viacom announces VidCon acquisition
The YouTube-centric conference is getting a serious makeover.
YouTube unveils buffet of new series, and plans for virtual reality
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki revealed a big number Thursday at VidCon.
John Green is finally writing another book—and it’s coming sooner than you think
The 'Fault in Our Stars' author has a new book that involves 'Star Wars' fan fiction.
Hank Green announces PodCon—a VidCon for podcasts
After making VidCon the biggest digital video convention on Earth, YouTube luminary Hank Green is doing it again.
VidCon Europe announces its YouTube headliners
Global domination, imminent.
Why YouTube needs #WCW Ahsante Bean
'Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.'
YouTuber Calum McSwiggan says he did not fake attack, despite police claims
'I did not think...that I would be treated as a criminal.'
YouTube star Calum McSwiggan said he was attacked outside of gay bar; police say he injured himself
A friend of the gay YouTuber says the attackers used to social media to locate him.
Don’t spy on your kids and other social media lessons from VidCon
Building trust in the age of a million apps.
VidCon 2016 was all about bridging the gap between creators and fans
From livestreaming to brands to increased security, VidCon felt different in 2016.
Anna Akana on her new go90 series ‘Miss 2059’
The actor, director, producer, and YouTuber on her ongoing balancing act.
Jimmy Kimmel has YouTubers read mean tweets ahead of VidCon
To be fair, it probably pales compared to what they get on a daily basis.
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