Largely considered to be the largest social network behind Facebook, Twitter’s micro-blogging platform has become a favorite of everyone from top celebrities and sports figures to businessmen and teenagers hoping to become the next viral star. Twitter’s growth has slowed somewhat in recent years, leading the company to make sweeping changes to the network and associated features.

Twitter will ban all political advertising before 2020 election
'We believe political message reach should be earned, not bought.'
AOC grilling Mark Zuckerberg cooks up Italian meme
'*when the mozzarell is fresh*'
Tomi Lahren pranked into thinking she’s saving a conservative marriage
'I know you guys have a bond over me and over conservative values.'
Popeyes flips Chick-fil-A the bird by bringing back sandwich on a Sunday
Chick-fil-A is notoriously closed on Sundays.
Why is @NoFap verified on Twitter?
Cum? Retained. Big brain mode? Unlocked.
We spoke to the creator of the popular Disney+ parody account
@WatchWithDisney mocks the weird history buried deep inside the Disney+ vault.
Obama-era tweet backfires on Trump after ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s death
Many are also speculating that Trump's Situation Room photo is staged.
Someone turned the ‘woman yelling at a cat’ meme into their Halloween costume 
From ‘Imma head out’ and Area 51 to 'and I oop' and Corn Pop, memes are dominating Halloween costumes this year.
Graphic video of Texas A&M-Commerce party shooting posted on social media
Many are disturbed that someone posted footage of the victim's bodies on Snapchat and Twitter.
Fans are worried for YouTuber FaZe Rain after a series of suicidal tweets
FaZe Rain is receiving an outpouring of support from fans.
Twitter suspended dissenters’ accounts during Egypt’s anti-government protests
Twitter suspended nearly 60 accounts during September’s protests.
Rudy Giuliani the butt of jokes after butt-dial snafu
'What’s the odds that you butt-dial a reporter while planning the next evil plot?'
Woman kicked out of event after protesting Harvey Weinstein’s presence (updated)
Weinstein was somehow invited to the event. His presence drew mixed reactions from attendees.
Oh, you like internet jokes? Here’s a new meme
'Oh you're a feminist? Name every woman.'