Twitch streamer Pink_Sparkles responds to gamers who don’t think she belongs
'If you don’t f*cking like it ... go watch 'My Little Pony' or some sh*t.'
Summit1G reportedly overtakes Ninja as king of Twitch subscribers
The whole thing is annoying Ninja.
Twitch star Alinity Divine accidentally displays d*ck pic on her stream
She put her head in her hand in apparent shock at the invasive and gross act of sexual harassment.
Twitch user Mizkif shaves off his eyebrows for thousands in donations
'Honestly, it doesn't look that bad. Worse than before for sure, but not terrible.'
Lucia Omnomnom accidentally got nude on camera—and has been harassed ever since
People have messaged the Twitch streamer's family members with a video of the incident.
Twitch streamer accidentally goes topless—and men are mad at her light punishment
Lucia Omnomnom is already back online—and the manbabies are still crying.
The gamer charged with assaulting wife during livestream is back on Twitch
Twitch is being criticized for not permanently banning him.
Ninja rings in the new year ‘Fortnite’ style
Ninja rang in the new year in a very 2018 way.
Here’s just how ridiculously popular Ninja is on Twitch
He hasn't had a perfect 2018. But people can't stop watching him.
MrBeast says he’s given away $1 million: ‘YouTube pays better than you think’
The popular creator is also upset about YouTube's demonetization process.
Making fun of ‘Twitch thots’ is still a thing, apparently
Streamer xQc thinks he's very funny.
Ninja to host Thursday Night Football
The world's most popular gamer will host America's most popular sport.
Twitch streamer apparently hits partner on video (updated)
Twitch allegedly caught domestic violence on its live stream.
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