Amazon’s facial recognition misidentified Boston athletes as criminals
Amazon's facial recognition technology has been criticized in the past.

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Popular Twitch streamer banned for something he didn’t even say
'So confused right now,' FormaL tweeted.
Twitch star Amouranth caught driving while streaming
Will she get more disciplinary action from the streaming giant?
Twitch streamer says racist trolls got her banned for ‘suggestive’ outfit
ExoHydraX says Twitch's vague rules don't help.
Trump joins streaming service Twitch
Is he courting millennials?
Twitch streamer faces criticism for trying to defend racist jokes
The streamer said people offended by racial humor 'don't have a thick skin.'
Twitch suspends streamer for wearing Chun-Li cosplay
The platform deemed it 'sexually suggestive.'
Twitch star Amouranth flashed the camera during a stream—now she’s banned
She also recently revealed that she was being blackmailed.
What does ‘smurfing’ mean?
Everything you need to know about the gaming term.
Twitch star says an Instagram content moderator is blackmailing her (updated)
Amouranth says the blackmailer wants to be paid in bitcoin.
How a socialist Twitch streamer landed in a feud with Dan Crenshaw
'I’d rather be uncivil and advocate to end wars than be civil and justify more of them.'
Pro-Hong Kong memes have crashed the Dota 2 International party
'Dota 2' International Twitch chats have been filled with anti-Chinese sentiment as pro-Hong Kong streamers protest the upcoming Shanghai event.
10 Twitch streamers you should follow in 2019
With so many popular Twitch streamers, here are 10 worth your time.
Ditch Mixer and Twitch for these NSFW live streaming sites
Host an 18+ live stream or draw some smut for your NSFW visual novel.
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