Kamala Harris says she will restore net neutrality if elected
Harris has been vocal in her support of net neutrality.

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Chelsea Manning is in solitary confinement—and her trans community hurts for her
Manning spent the past two years building a community, only to be forced into isolation again.
Google appoints transphobic official to its AI ethics board
She has worked for multiple anti-LGBTQ ‘family values’ organizations.
Editor’s history of calling trans people ‘frauds’ shines light on Economist’s transphobic tweet
Finance editor Helen Joyce has said it's 'sickening' for trans kids to transition.
Washington Post under fire for transphobic cartoon about the Mueller Report
Comparing the Mueller report to a trans woman is a bad look.
Trans student nominated for prom king told by administration to run for queen
Over 13K people have signed a petition demanding he be allowed to run for king.
Trans/Sex: Here’s what you need to know before having sex with a trans woman
It's time to put the worst myths to bed, no pun intended.
Minecraft creator says he would rather be a fascist than have a ‘feminine dick’
Notch has embraced QAnon—and now he's attacking trans bodies.
LGBTQ center across from Westboro church now stands as touching tribute to trans activist
Stephanie Mott, who died at age 61, was an inspiration to many.
If you want to support trans rights, then decriminalize sex work
Sex workers and trans people fight the same oppressors.
The time has finally come for trans wrestler Mack Beggs to share his story
The athlete talks to the Daily Dot about his documentary premiere at SXSW.
Feminist Frequency’s ‘Queer Tropes’ series is a powerful reminder of where games are headed
A lot has changed for queer representation in gaming over the past few years.
Ellen Page: It’s time to ‘step up for trans people’
She says even ‘progressive people’ have work to do.
Trans/Sex: Masturbation is tough for trans women. I know first-hand
There's more to self-pleasure than magic wands and 'muffing.'
Pose’s Indya Moore goes viral for arguing trans women have ‘biologically female’ penises
Trans women's genitals are women's genitals, period.
Writers want this book canceled for misgendering its protagonist
The book is about James Barry, a 19th-century transgender man.
Mom goes viral with gender reveal photo shoot for her 20-year-old trans son
'I was determined to support him though his journey, but I had no idea how.'