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Cory Booker says nonbinary ‘niephew’ taught him about trans issues
Booker shared how he would support trans people from the White House.
Flame Con has so much queer smut. It made me feel like I belong
Trans folks and queer women deserve porn, too.
From droids to monster girls, here are the best porn games for trans people
Have sex as a robot trans woman or invite a monster man over for dinner.
Mario Lopez calls trans children ‘alarming’
He said his children 'don't kick with those kids.'
Instagram model Carissa Pinkston lies about being trans, says she ‘panicked’
'It’s just sick to me because she’s equating transness to attention-seeking and clout.'
Trans/Sex: From orgasms to dysphoria, the truth about vaginoplasty
Recovering from vaginoplasty is a journey—but a worthwhile one.
Denali Berries Stuckey is 12th Black trans woman killed this year
Police have not yet labeled it a hate crime.
Jake Paul’s Team 10 responds to transphobia allegations
Two women say they were kicked out of a party because they're trans.
Trans/Sex: Strap-ons for trans women, inclusive porn games, and online dating
Buy a gender-affirming strap-on or play a trans-inclusive adult game.
Suspect arrested for murder of Chynal Lindsey, a Black trans woman
Police say there is no reason to suspect a serial killer.
The internet is celebrating a ban on ‘gay and trans panic’ defense for murder
This makes New York only the sixth state to ban the defense.
Democrats vote to block transgender troop ban
Nine Republicans also voted in support of the amendment.
How online allies joined a trans artist’s street art war
These stickers have implications far beyond one neighborhood’s walls.
2 trans women killed within 3 months in the same neighborhood
Zoe Spears is the 10th trans woman who's been killed in the U.S. this year.