Tim Cook is the current chief executive officer at Apple, the largest publicly traded company on earth. As successor to the legendary Steve Jobs, Cook has become a political icon for his activism support gay rights as well as privacy and strong encryption.

This Apple Watch takedown will crush your fanboy heart
"Sending emoji has never been more complicated."
Apple doubles down on iCloud security
It hasn't been a great week for Apple... or some select iCloud users. 
Tim Cook makes change at Apple after reading email from unhappy customer
The Apple CEO must have been bothered by this tiny detail.
Apple employee files complaint after emailing Tim Cook over racism concerns
An Apple employee says he was barred from promotion after being told 'black employees don’t reach management in this market.'
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Apple to refund $32.5 million in purchases kids made on parents’ iTunes accounts
The company will also have to change the fine print that nobody reads.
4chan’s fake iOS 7 ads convince users to dunk phones in water
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Sorry is the hardest word to say: The new age of apologies
Sorry is the hardest word to say... for Apple.
Dot Dot Dot: Larry Page, Kim Kardashian, and iPad explosions
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The company's iconic CEO creates an instant stir online with the surprise announcement of his resignation.
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