Tim Cook is the current chief executive officer at Apple, the largest publicly traded company on earth. As successor to the legendary Steve Jobs, Cook has become a political icon for his activism support gay rights as well as privacy and strong encryption.

Apple speaks out against Trump’s reversal of trans bathroom protections
Apple issued a statement against the administration’s latest decision.
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Is Apple’s MacBook battery bungle proof it’s spreading itself too thin?
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Trump reportedly cut Twitter from meeting over #CrookedHillary emoji fight
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Apple CEO Tim Cook attempts to unify staff in wake of Trump victory
Cook quoted Martin Luther King Jr. in a staff-wide email.
Apple CEO Tim Cook, Pharrell, James Corden enjoy some ‘Carpool Karaoke’
The trio rocked out to 'Sweet Home Alabama.'
Apple ordered to pay €13 billion in taxes to Ireland
Apple paid a corporate tax rate of 1 percent or less between 2003 and 2014.
Apple made special #Pride2016 watch bands, but you can’t get one
Apple gave its employees who took part in San Francisco's Pride march a special gift this year.
Apple to launch new iPad app that will teach kids how to code
This free app will soon teach the basics of Swift.
Indian leader frames encryption as cybercrime concern in meeting with Apple CEO
Modi apparently urged Cook to accept limits on encryption by saying it would help stop cybercrime.
U.S. says ‘outside party’ can crack terrorist’s iPhone, asks to cancel Apple–FBI hearing
'If the method is viable, it should eliminate the need for the assistance from Apple Inc.'
Apple hires ex-Signal developer as battle with FBI heats up
In the midst of a war over privacy and security with the U.S government, Apple has hired a developer of a secure messaging app.
What Bill Gates gets wrong about the iPhone unlocking case
Contrary to what Gates said, Apple doesn't just have the phone's data sitting around.
Read Rep. Ted Lieu’s letter asking the FBI to give up its iPhone-unlocking fight with Apple
The California Democrat is a Stanford University computer-science graduate, U.S. military veteran, and a former prosecutor.