Tim Cook is the current chief executive officer at Apple, the largest publicly traded company on earth. As successor to the legendary Steve Jobs, Cook has become a political icon for his activism support gay rights as well as privacy and strong encryption.

Facebook reportedly hired PR firm to write critical articles about Apple, Google
A new report reveals Facebook's internal struggles.
Apple’s own employees reportedly trash streaming service as ‘expensive NBC’
Apple reportedly is shying away from sex and religion.
Why Apple CEO Tim Cook cares about immigration policy
'There are real people behind this.'
Tech leaders tweet support, call for gun control in wake of YouTube shooting
The CEOs of Twitter, Uber, Apple, and Amazon all made statements.
Apple’s $350 billion U.S. investment includes a new campus
The location of its forthcoming workplace will be announced later this year.
Apple is reportedly making an AR headset to compete with HoloLens
The mobile giant reportedly wants to ship by 2020.
Apple’s Tim Cook reportedly made ‘Carpool Karaoke’ delete dirty jokes
It delayed the series' launch earlier this year.
Silicon Valley CEOs are heading to Washington, D.C.
Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, and others will meet with Trump's chief technology officer, Jared Kushner.
Apple speaks out against Trump’s reversal of trans bathroom protections
Apple issued a statement against the administration’s latest decision.
You next iPhone may be assembled in India
Apple is rumored to begin operations in April.
Apple tried to create a bigger MacBook Pro battery—and failed
Is Apple’s MacBook battery bungle proof it’s spreading itself too thin?
Tim Cook teases ‘great desktops’ in Apple’s future
Not thrilled with new Macbook Pro? Fear not.
Trump reportedly cut Twitter from meeting over #CrookedHillary emoji fight
Just when you thought 2016 couldn't get any more ridiculous.
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