Millie Bobby Brown has the wrong take on ‘You’
The 'Stranger Things' star should have kept this to herself.
Roku defends decision to host InfoWars amid online backlash
The attorney for the Sandy Hook families currently suing InfoWars issued a response saying Roku's decision was 'an insult to the memory' of the shooting's victims.
NBC asked reporters not to call Steve King’s comments ‘racist’
King doesn't understand why 'white supremacist' is offensive, and NBC News doesn't understand why he's racist.
Disney files copyright claim on YouTuber’s Darth Vader film—and the creator is devastated
The YouTuber could have been earning tens of thousands of dollars.
The ’10 Year Challenge’ isn’t as fun for trans people
As you can imagine, they face real privacy and harassment concerns.
New Nike shoes can be controlled from your smartphone
The kicks of the future are here.
Cardi B. jumps on 10-year challenge with high school performance of Lady Gaga song
It's clear that 10 years ago, Cardi B. was already a star.
Parents, teachers cry foul over Verizon fee hike for popular education app
Company claims it’s cracking down on spam, critics say it’s prioritizing profits over people.
Netflix hikes prices on all subscription plans
The new price tiers are in effect for new subscribers.
Ajit Pai is refusing to testify about cell phone tracking data
He doesn't want to talk to Congress about this.
Murder is back on the menu with Netflix’s Ted Bundy documentary
Hear Bundy's confessions—in his own chilling words.
Twitch star Alinity Divine accidentally displays d*ck pic on her stream
She put her head in her hand in apparent shock at the invasive and gross act of sexual harassment.
NBC to launch curious new streaming service
It'll be free to cable subscribers.
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