Influencer got trapped under ice for TikTok clout, ‘came close to dying’
The video of the incident will have you biting your nails.
Chrissy Teigen calls out fan who made weird comment about her daughter’s feet
'Who looks at a little kid's feet and immediately goes there? Eesh.'
TikTok’s ‘clean queen’ says videos are helping her figure out ‘adulting’
Abby Jones' tub-cleaning video is not for the faint of heart.
Clearview clients include ICE, Macy’s, Best Buy, leaked data reveals
The company on Wednesday said a list of its clients went missing.
Women are clamoring to get their photos on a Twitter feed of ‘hot mugshots’
Some women use the exposure to help themselves post bail.
‘Love Is Blind’ finale: Somehow, real love emerged from this dystopian setting
Netflix raises the bar for love-centered reality TV.
Is TikTok’s algorithm actually pretty racist?
AI researcher calls it a 'feedback loop.'
Tutoring website refuses to take down ad sexualizing Asian women
The company's founder says the ad is a 'joke.'
10 fortune-telling sites for when you need some inspiration
Even better, most of these sites offer free fortune telling services.
Court says YouTube isn’t subject to First Amendment scrutiny
A panel of judges ruled that YouTube was a 'private forum' not a public one.
Russian models are Instagramming life in Wuhan
Just months after they arrived in their new city, it shut down.
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