No group is more tech-savvy than teens, and they're constantly on the cutting edge of the best new apps and way for people to communicate. But they also often run into problems like bullying and oversharing, which lead to conflict and outrage.

Desperate teens of anti-vaxxers are turning to Reddit for vaccination advice
They're taking their health back into their own hands.
Instagram will start blurring posts that depict self-harm and suicide
Sensitive content will remain searchable.
Facebook paid teens $20 to use an app that spied on their browsing history
Facebook's Research app circumvents App Store guidelines.
Videos show alleged Covington teens harassing women, making rape jokes at march
'It's not rape if you enjoy it,' one teen said.
MAGA teen who confronted Native elder says he ‘respects all races’
Even with the release of a longer video, many are not buying this.
Teen’s photo of Nazi-themed school-dance invite goes viral
A local Jewish organization says the sign insults the memory of Hitler's victims.
White referee makes Black high school wrestler cut dreads to compete
The look on the student's face says it all.
Trump officials withheld abortion from raped migrant teen
Instead, she went to a facility that gave her Bible verses and 'appropriate drawings to color.'
Parents shocked by KKK costumes in school play
'The KKK walked into my kid's school Friday and I didn't get to stop it.'
Trans student films being harassed while in school bathroom stall (updated)
A woman broke into the stall, leaving the door open.
Bullying of 15-year-old Syrian refugee stirs outrage online
A GoFundMe for him has raised over £80,000 in less than a day.
Study: ’13 Reasons Why’ may increase vulnerable teens’ suicide risk
Activists have long criticized the show.
Black teen accused of stealing while doing psychology assignment on race
This experiment took a depressing, scary turn.lor.
High school prom photo shows large group giving Nazi salute
The school reportedly has an ongoing problem with racism.
What Brett Kavanaugh and Me Too are teaching Generation Z
'Boys will be boys' culture still exists—but does it matter that teens are calling it out?
Teen finds purse with $10,000—and turns it in to police
People on Twitter are praising his good deed.
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