No group is more tech-savvy than teens, and they're constantly on the cutting edge of the best new apps and way for people to communicate. But they also often run into problems like bullying and oversharing, which lead to conflict and outrage.

Teen arrested in Iran for dancing in Instagram videos
Activists say she was forced by the state to give a public confession.
Thai teen soccer team missing for 10 days found trapped in cave
It could take months to get them out of there, though.
Police killing of another unarmed Black teen sparks anger, protests
Video shows the officer shooting at the teen three times in the back.
Why did paramedics cover a still-breathing shooting victim with a white sheet?
Onlookers could see he was breathing from afar.
Hayley Kiyoko’s ‘What I Need’ feat. Kehlani is our teen bop of the week
Messy crushes + fear of commitment + the familiar narrative of being young and queer and not yet out to your family.
Can Facebook attract teens with Lip Sync Live?
It's a move to get teens back on the platform.
Teen caught playing N-word hangman claims he’s not racist
The illustration also includes a Klansman and a figure on a burning cross.
Everyone loves Miss Peanut, the therapy dog whose yearbook photo has gone viral
She's not related to Mr. Peanutbutter, in case you're wondering.
For some reason, boys are singing the ‘Halo’ theme song in school bathrooms
Hey, at least they're not putting anything in their butts this time!
Black teen reportedly abducted, assaulted after getting off bus—and the internet wants answers
The boy said his kidnappers told him he was targeted because he's Black.
Gay couple gets a prom night surprise from strangers cheering on their love
In this moment, love has won—and it's gone viral.
Teen says school told her to cover her ‘distracting’ LGBTQ T-shirt
She says the school dress code enforces a double standard.
Teen suspended for anti-gun violence walkout is now running for her local school board
She says members don't 'understand the issues students are facing.'
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