No group is more tech-savvy than teens, and they're constantly on the cutting edge of the best new apps and way for people to communicate. But they also often run into problems like bullying and oversharing, which lead to conflict and outrage.

Student speaks out after receiving corporal punishment for school walkout
He says he respects the adults involved—but doesn't agree with being swatted.
Students across the U.S. walk out of school in protest of gun violence
Over 2,000 schools and groups have had 'enough.'
Teen Waffle House server receives surprise scholarship for helping a man cut up his meal
Texas Southern University awarded her a $16,000 scholarship because of her act of kindness.
What to know about the student-led protests against gun violence
There are two national walkouts and a march currently planned.
With Parkland, we get a strong sense of the power of Generation Z
Their fight and their social media savvy are changing the way we think about politics and tragedy.
Queer teen couple suspended for promposal ‘disruption’
The community is not happy about this.
Teen suspended over anti-bullying video that hurt principal’s ‘feelings’
In an ironic twist, she was accused by the school of 'trying to incite violence.'
Queer teen girls are more likely to be suspended or expelled, new study finds
Lesbian and bisexual women were more likely to be diagnosed with a learning disorder, too.
Teen creates app to help Alzheimer’s patients recognize loved ones
'Timeless' uses facial recognition and creates alerts to remind patients of recent calls.
Trump administration rejects high school exam designed to spot fake news
The exam asks questions on climate change data and cultural awareness.
Everyone on Twitter is in a ‘big mood’—here’s what that means
Everyone's in a big mood to use this phrase.
What’s up with the Tide Pod Challenge?
Are kids really eating Tide Pods?
Teen girls feel trapped into sending nude photos, study reveals
Girls feel conflicted over the pressures of 'flirting' vs. asserting bodily autonomy.
Teens walk out of class over racist Snapchat messages
The students involved said they wanted to hang Black students.
Too much screen time is causing higher rates of depression, suicide among teens, study says
Spending two or more hours online each day bumped up the risk.
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