No group is more tech-savvy than teens, and they're constantly on the cutting edge of the best new apps and way for people to communicate. But they also often run into problems like bullying and oversharing, which lead to conflict and outrage.

Black teen accused of stealing while doing psychology assignment on race
This experiment took a depressing, scary turn.lor.
High school prom photo shows large group giving Nazi salute
The school reportedly has an ongoing problem with racism.
What Brett Kavanaugh and Me Too are teaching Generation Z
'Boys will be boys' culture still exists—but does it matter that teens are calling it out?
Teen finds purse with $10,000—and turns it in to police
People on Twitter are praising his good deed.
Instagram suggests teens should get accounts to avoid being bullied
It's also being accused of encouraging parents to let preteens have accounts.
Man charged for extorting nudes from hundreds of teen girls over Facebook and Kik
Officials believe there could be up to 500 victims, going back as far as 2012.
Purdue University’s temporary dorm set-up has left the internet appalled
One alumni said the temporary dorms look like a halfway house.
Teen’s Maine Sea Goddess pageant crown revoked over finsta photos
People on the internet are coming to her defense.
Teen records horrifying video of her own plane crashing
Miraculously, all the passengers and crew survived.
Oakland station slammed for using gun photo of slain Black teen
Why must murdered Black kids be depicted as 'thugs'?
Teen arrested in Iran for dancing in Instagram videos
Activists say she was forced by the state to give a public confession.
Thai teen soccer team missing for 10 days found trapped in cave
It could take months to get them out of there, though.
Police killing of another unarmed Black teen sparks anger, protests
Video shows the officer shooting at the teen three times in the back.
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