Ted Lieu is the Democratic congressman from California's 33rd district. Lieu has a computer science degree in Stanford. He's become uniquely vocal as a privacy advocate and on issues of cybersecurity on the federal, state, and local levels.

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Congressman accuses Jeff Sessions of potentially violating attorney rules of conduct
Rep. Ted Lieu says the attorney general likely violated several Alabama State Bar Association rules.
New House bill would end Trump’s taxpayer-funded golf trips
One bill for golf cart rentals for the Secret Service hits $35,185.
Trump’s political opponents are using his combative Twitter strategy against him
Trump no longer has a monopoly on Twitter fire.
Congressman pledges to fight Trump’s ‘unconstitutional crazy s**t’
Rep. Ted Lieu says the 'resistance ... begins now.'
Congressman Ted Lieu wants to make it harder for presidents to use nuclear weapons
Do you really want Trump's tiny fingers on the big, red button?
Cyber-savvy lawmakers urge colleagues to use encrypted messaging, better passwords
Wouldn't we all feel more comfortable knowing our representative used WhatsApp?
Rep. Ted Lieu calls for Congress to investigate security flaw that puts millions of mobile users at risk
Lieu said his phone calls with elected officials as high up as President Obama could have been vulnerable.
Read Rep. Ted Lieu’s letter asking the FBI to give up its iPhone-unlocking fight with Apple
The California Democrat is a Stanford University computer-science graduate, U.S. military veteran, and a former prosecutor.
Pro-encryption lawmaker Ted Lieu: San Bernardino iPhone court order sets a bad precedent
The ruling, Lieu warned, could set a dangerous precedent.
Former NSA chief says U.S. can get around encryption with metadata, argues against backdoors
'I don’t think it’s a winning hand to attempt to legislate against technological progress.'
Police chiefs, prosecutors demand laws mandating encryption backdoors
Law enforcement say backdoors make it harder to catch criminals. But where's the evidence?
U.S. congressman says China’s days of stealing U.S. trade secrets are likely over
Rep. Ted Lieu, a leading tech-focused lawmaker, said he was impressed by China's commitment to the issue.
Why the tide is turning in Washington’s big encryption debate
'The FBI is pretty much focused solely on one issue, which is law enforcement.'