The junior senator of Texas, Ted Cruz is a Republican candidate for president of the United States. Prior to his time in the United States Senate, Cruz served as director of the Office of Public Planning at the Federal Trade Commission, associate attorney general at the Justice Department, and domestic policy advisor under President George W. Bush.

Ted Cruz is upset his last tweet didn’t get a lot of retweets
He may also want a refresher course on constitutional law.
Facebook backtracks on anti-abortion video fact-check
Sen. Ted Cruz and other Republicans pushed back against the fact-check.
Ted Cruz really does believe in the ‘deep state,’ eh?
This is something he's brought up before.
Ted Cruz dragged for thinking climate change only affects coastal cities
'Ted Cruz is a good reminder that getting an Ivy League education doesn't mean you're actually smart.'
Conservatives are livid the New York Times is writing articles about slavery
After a week upsetting the left, the New York Times is upsetting the right.
GOP senators call Nike anti-American over decision to pull flag sneakers
One senator called Nike 'anti-American' because of its decision.
Ted Cruz floats another theory of how Twitter is censoring conservatives
Cruz appears to have been trying to highlight what he believes is bias against conservatives on social media.
Ted Cruz goes after Ilhan Omar after California synagogue shooting
Cruz made reference to the 'Anti-Semitic Left.'
How Beto O’Rourke used Ted Cruz’s Facebook fans against him
Bannon wants McSteamy fans to watch his documentary.
We regret to inform you that Beto O’Rourke’s beard is now a thing
Is it newsworthy? It's not not newsworthy.
People have questions about Ted Cruz’s beard
Is it actually a beard?
Ted Cruz backtracks on claims O’Rourke campaign funded caravan
He said there was 'no point in revisiting the campaign itself.'
Beto O’Rourke cutting steak on Instagram is making people horny
Beto is in chill mode—but people are hot and bothered.
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