‘City of Ghosts’ profiles the Syrian heroes who trolled ISIS
The Amazon documentary is a snapshot of courage in the face of monstrous tyranny.
ISIS tells recruits to buy their guns at U.S. gun shows
The terrorist group aims to exploit loopholes in U.S. gun laws to commit acts of terrorism.
FBI translator traveled to Syria to marry ISIS recruiter
Daniela Greene was jailed for two years.
Trump official: Syria bombing was ‘after-dinner entertainment’ at Mar-a-Lago
'The thing was, it didn’t cost the president anything to have that entertainment.'
The 8 most baffling exchanges from Trump’s Associated Press interview
Trump says he gave CBS the highest ratings since 9/11—and that's just one thing that has everyone talking.
Reports: U.S. forces ‘misidentified’ Syrian mosque targeted by drones, killing civilians
The reports contradict previous claims by U.S. officials.
We’ve accepted Trump as president—now he’s more dangerous than ever
With war drums banging in the distance, Trump's presidency becomes more normal—and more frightening.
‘World War 3’ Google searches spike to record highs
Spikes in 'world war 3' and 'going to war' Google searches reveal rising global fears.
North Korean officials warn of ‘big and important event’ as tensions rise
The ominous warning comes as U.S. warships move toward the Korean peninsula.
This reporter reacting to Sean Spicer’s Holocaust commentary is all of us
In which Spicer gets as many eyebrow raises as he deserves.
Anne Frank Center calls for Trump to fire Sean Spicer over Hitler comment
'Spicer’s statement is the most evil slur upon a group of people we have overheard from a White House press secretary.'
Sean Spicer justifies Syria bombing with inaccurate Hitler comparison
Pro tip: Don't bring up Hitler unless it's absolutely necessary.
President Trump bombed Syria following Ivanka’s ‘outrage,’ says Eric Trump
Ivanka Trump recently started a new job as assistant to the president.
War won’t save Donald Trump’s ratings
If President Trump wants to boost his approval ratings, he should resign.
John Oliver breaks down Trump’s Syrian airstrike—and why he’s ‘very, very worried’
John Oliver is not excited about the praise Donald Trump is receiving from the media for his actions in Syria.
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