The Supreme Court is the highest federal court in the United States. The constitutional opinions of its nine members, who appointed by the President of the United States to lifetime terms, set much of the nation's governmental policy.

Supreme Court loosens restrictions on travel ban
The ruling is a mixed bag for Trump.
Supreme Court plans to hear case that could legalize LGBTQ discrimination
A Colorado baker argues he can refuse to serve a gay couple because that's his religious right.
Rumors swirl around possible retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy
He's had a hand in several wins for liberals.
Supreme Court rules that using social media is a constitutional right
The decision was 8 to 0, with newly appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch not taking part.
Supreme Court to hear major gerrymandering case
'This will be the biggest and most important election law case in decades.'
Supreme Court to hear major case on police use of phone location data
'Carpenter v. United States' is being called a landmark case for privacy rights in the digital age.
Clarence Thomas breaks with conservatives to rule against racial gerrymandering
The ruling will likely influence gerrymandering litigation across the South.
Supreme Court strikes blow to voter ID movement with refusal to revive N.C. law
A lower court said the law targeted black voters 'with almost surgical precision.'
Court rules same-sex couples refused licenses by Kim Davis can sue her for damages
The county clerk could be held liable for "harm" she caused the couples.
Supreme Court turns down ‘religious freedom’ case challenging conversion therapy bans
Yep, conversion therapy remains illegal in California—for now.
Here’s where Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch stands on LGBTQ issues
Let's just say he has a mixed track record.
Sen. Chuck Schumer says filibuster likely over Neil Gorsuch’s nomination
He doesn't think Gorsuch will be an independent or neutral judge.
Neil Gorsuch explains away maternity leave accusations during nomination hearing
He says the student didn’t remember his question properly.