The Supreme Court is the highest federal court in the United States. The constitutional opinions of its nine members, who appointed by the President of the United States to lifetime terms, set much of the nation's governmental policy.

Trump threatens to delay Census after Supreme Court ruling
Trump wasn't the only one who wasn't happy about the decision.
There’s a website to help get Cyntoia Brown clemency
Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam could grant her clemency in his last few weeks in office.
Kavanaugh votes against hearing Planned Parenthood defunding case
Anti-abortion advocates are disappointed, but pro-choice supporters are breathing a sigh of relief.
Trump administration asking Supreme Court to rule on transgender military ban
This is the fourth case the Trump administration has tried to push directly to the Supreme Court.
Senate confirms Brett Kavanaugh to Supreme Court
Kavanaugh could be on the bench as soon as next week.
It’s not a great time to be named Brett Kavanagh on Twitter
"You can't spell Kavanaugh without 'ugh.'"
Online fundraisers explode after Susan Collins’ Kavanaugh speech
The campaign reached its $2 million goal shortly before her speech.
The hypnosis hoax about Christine Blasey Ford is as wild as they come
The attempts to discredit her are getting more and more far-out.
Watch 2 sexual assault survivors confront Jeff Flake after saying he’ll confirm Kavanaugh
The two women spoke to Flake after he announced he would vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh.
Rudy Giuliani can’t spell the names of any of the women on the Supreme Court
He corrected his voting claim, but failed to correct the misspelled names.
People on Twitter joke that ‘Women for Kavanaugh’ activists are crisis actors
The protesters showed up in D.C. ahead of Kavanaugh's testimony.
Kavanaugh begins opening statement with anger, criticism, outrage
Twitter felt Kavanaugh's testimony was a stark contrast to Ford's.
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