Chelsea Manning ‘safe’ after alarming tweets prompt concern of suicide
Warning: This article contains images that may be triggering for some readers.
‘Austin Powers’ actor Verne Troyer dead at 49
'He wanted to make everyone smile.'
Google Maps reviews of forest Logan Paul visited are filled with insensitive suicide jokes
Once again, the internet proves it has no idea how to talk about suicide.
Logan Paul’s tasteless YouTube stunt shows we still have no idea how to talk about suicide
Suicide is not a spectacle—and mental illness is not a choice.
Logan Paul apologizes after posting video of apparent suicide
'I didn't do it for views. I get views.'
Kentucky lawmaker found dead days after being accused of sexual assault
The death was ruled a 'probable suicide.'
Facebook improves AI to better prevent suicide
The software will be launched everywhere except the EU.
Too much screen time is causing higher rates of depression, suicide among teens, study says
Spending two or more hours online each day bumped up the risk.
Parents of teen who shared sex video blame school for his suicide
The girl he was having sex with didn't know he was filming—but his parents say the school's questioning was too harsh on their son.
Texas ramps up war on cyberbullying with harsh new law
David's Law is named after a teen who was cyberbullied and committed suicide.
This Uber driver encountered a suicidal passenger—and may have saved his life
'God put that man in my car tonight for a reason.'
Parents sue school district, say cyberbullying led 12-year-old daughter to suicide
They say school officials didn’t do enough to stop the abuse.
’13 Reasons Why’ linked to uptick in suicide-related searches
The study focused on 20 related search terms, and found an alarming spike.
Blue Whale ‘suicide challenge’ leader sentenced to 3 years in Russian jail
He was convicted in connection with 2 attempted suicides.
2 American teens dead from suicide after allegedly attempting ‘Blue Whale Challenge’
Schools are warning parents about the dangerous 'game.'