Missing YouTuber Etika’s belongings found alongside bridge
Etika left suicidal messages in a YouTube video before he went missing.
Suicides in the U.S. are increasing at terrifying rates
The suicide rate for Native American women has increased by 139% since 1999.
Incels are behind the online suicide forum that urged a woman to take her own life
Marquis says he also founded numerous other incel sites.
Online suicide forum encouraged a woman to kill herself, her family claims
'I never knew she was going to a place like this or that it even existed.'
Teen dies by suicide after followers vote ‘death’ on her Instagram poll
Instagram responded, saying it has a 'deep responsibility' to its users.
Netflix pledges to examine study finding teen suicide rate spiked after ’13 Reasons Why’
'We have just seen the study, and are looking into the research.'
Shocking report reveals the mental anguish of Amazon workers
At least 189 mental health-related calls made to 911 over a five-year period.
Instagram will start blurring posts that depict self-harm and suicide
Sensitive content will remain searchable.
Family says racist bullying led to 9-year-old’s suicide
The bullying was reportedly about her friendship with a white boy.
Study: ’13 Reasons Why’ may increase vulnerable teens’ suicide risk
Activists have long criticized the show.
Suicide hotline calls quadruple after Trump revealed anti-trans policy
The pain of having the validity of your existence attacked cannot be understated.
Popular meme YouTuber shuts down channel with videos dramatizing suicide
His final video has since been deleted.
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