The Sun allegedly deletes negative Caroline Flack story after her death
The story was about a Valentine's Day card mocking Flack's assault allegations. The former 'Love Island' host was found dead in her home on Saturday.
TikTok waited hours to contact police after teen broadcasted suicide
TikTok's main goal appeared to be keeping the story from going viral.
Woman charged with manslaughter after allegedly encouraging boyfriend kill himself
She sent him 47,000 text messages within two months, telling him to 'go kill himself' and 'go die.'
Fans are worried for YouTuber FaZe Rain after a series of suicidal tweets
FaZe Rain is receiving an outpouring of support from fans.
Video shows moment coach disarmed student of shotgun, then hugged him
'I just held him and told him that I was there to save him.'
Sulli, K-pop star who spoke against cyberbullying, dead at 25
Police said they suspect her death was a suicide.
Teen dies by suicide after being outed on social media
Explicit messages he exchanged with another boy were shared on Instagram and Snapchat.
Facebook employee dies in apparent suicide at Bay Area headquarters
The employee jumped from the fourth story of a building.
Missing YouTuber Etika’s belongings found alongside bridge
Etika left suicidal messages in a YouTube video before he went missing.
Suicides in the U.S. are increasing at terrifying rates
The suicide rate for Native American women has increased by 139% since 1999.
Incels are behind the online suicide forum that urged a woman to take her own life
Marquis says he also founded numerous other incel sites.
Online suicide forum encouraged a woman to kill herself, her family claims
'I never knew she was going to a place like this or that it even existed.'
Teen dies by suicide after followers vote ‘death’ on her Instagram poll
Instagram responded, saying it has a 'deep responsibility' to its users.
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