Jameela Jamil sparks conversation about women having to make the ‘boyfriend excuse’
The actress says she was once punched in the face by a man for rejecting him.
‘Catcalls of NYC’ Instagram documents the vulgarity of street harassment
Under no circumstances is it OK to holler these words at women you don't know.
Catcalling, street harassment could finally be outlawed in France
Frenchmen can leave the aggressive street behavior at home.
Ariana Grande speaks out about objectification
'I am not a piece of meat that a man gets to utilize for his pleasure.'
Hand out this nifty rape-culture explainer to your next catcaller
'Tis the season to spread the wokeness.
What will invisible headphones mean for street harassment?
Design is moving toward wireless, hard-to-see headphones—but will that hinder women's safety?
Street harassment is now a hate crime in this U.K. county
Nottinghamshire seems like a nice place for women.
Why do men continue to defend catcalling?
Men are convinced catcalling works, even when women say it doesn't.
Comedian Jen Kirkman opens up about why she needed to retweet women’s street-harassment encounters
'They know it won't end in violence against them. But it often ends in violence against us.'
Female journalist sexually harassed during live broadcast
The police are looking for suspects.
Harassment-fighting HeartMob aims to drown out the trolls
You don't have to sit back and be harassed online.
After suffering 3 assaults, this woman is using Facebook to find her attacker
She made her own police sketch online and is using it to find the perp.
How sons react to watching their mothers being catcalled
Some people just need to see it to understand it.
The app that wants you to document and share your street harassment
Hollaback! is making it easier to view the issue at the social level—one everyone needs to address.
Apple may be changing the world—but it still hasn’t changed its diversity problem
Making a woman smile went way too far—and it could've been avoided.
This student is combatting sexual harassment one tweet at a time
Rachel Baker experienced harassment firsthand. Now she's using Twitter to create change.
Dads react to the catcalling their daughters experience every day
The results are surprising and not in a good way.
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