These small and unique gifts are for everyone on your list.

8 last-minute gift ideas that are popular on Amazon
You're not quite out of time just yet.
This little magnetic key holder is too cute to lose
It hangs onto your keys so you can't lose them.
Bacon-flavored lip balm is either the best or worst idea of all time
Unless you're a vegetarian, it's probably the best.
All aspiring Hogwarts students need these ‘Harry Potter’ wand pens
No word on whether you can talk to Tom Riddle through them.
The Serenity coloring book will bring back all your fandom feels
Coloring in the world of Firefly is the remedy for overbearing in-laws.
Science and interior design collide with this radiant light mill
Solar power can help you impress your guests.
These animal butt magnets will crack you up
It's a very cheeky gift.
These magical Studio Ghibli plushies belong in your stockings
Perfect for hugging on Christmas morning.
Ward off unwanted attention this winter with the octopus ski mask
You'll look straight out of an H.P. Lovecraft story.
Make the holidays at home more interesting with this provocative board game
You'll want this for your next dinner party.
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