Spotify is a major music-streaming service that launched in 2008. The service is available in more than 50 countries, and in both free and premium formats. It’s also been a major talking point in the discussion about how artists are compensated.

Which service reigns between Pandora Premium vs Spotify Premium
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This Spotify playlist will help you do CPR
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Spotify to allow indie bands to upload their own songs
Spotify for Artists offers a whole suite of DIY tools for musicians.
All Bikini Kill albums are now on streaming
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How streaming is erasing the history of mixtape icons like DJ Drama
Legendary tapes are being left behind by Spotify.
Twitter permanently removes Alex Jones, InfoWars from platform
Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes are just some places to remove content.
The 20 best podcasts on Spotify
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Facebook, YouTube remove Alex Jones, InfoWars from platform (Updated)
Other tech companies have done the same in recent weeks.
Alex Jones’ attempt to push his content on Spotify really backfired
Alex Jones just made sure everyone knows InfoWars is on Spotify.
Bill would make Netflix, Spotify part of the emergency alert system
Would you want a missile warning in the middle of 'The Handmaid's Tale'?
Why won’t Spotify let users block harassers?
People have been requesting a block feature for years.
How to bundle your Spotify Premium and Hulu subscriptions
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Spotify refunds redditor who complained about too much Drake
Users weren't happy about the Drake takeover.
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