TikTok girls dancing to voicemails from sh*tty exes is a vibe
People on TikTok are subtly calling out abusive behavior.

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Spotify is a major music-streaming service that launched in 2008. The service is available in more than 50 countries, and in both free and premium formats. It’s also been a major talking point in the discussion about how artists are compensated.

Spotify is sending users the ‘perfect’ playlist to go with their favorite emoji 
If you like the eggplant emoji, you'll receive a 'Spotify and Chill' playlist.
Spotify denies its new update was to blame for massive outage
Users in numerous countries reported issues amid the company's rollout of its redesigned app.
Playlist: Luna Shadows picks 15 DIY bands you need to hear
The singer-songwriter has garnered more than 35 million streams without a label.
‘Final Fantasy’ songs make their way to Spotify, Apple Music
Tunes from the iconic video game franchise are now available on Spotify and Apple Music.
Spotify may just dethrone Pandora with its new ‘Stations’ app
Create your own personalized station by giving songs a thumbs up or thumbs down.
Spotify wants to make it easier for you to find new podcasts
The company is testing curated podcast playlists with a small number of users.
Reports: Spotify’s testing a new tool to let you DJ live with friends
The feature will enable users to add their favorite songs to their friends' playlists.
Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ is finally coming to Spotify, Apple Music
The audio of the album will be available across streaming platforms on April 23.
Beyoncé drops surprise live album ‘Homecoming’—and fans are freaking out
'Beyoncé dropped an incredible documentary, a new album and the full unredacted Mueller report in the middle of the night.'
Propelled by teen fandom, ‘Be More Chill’ is a musical for the anxious
The soundtrack to this horny, Keanu Reeves-featuring play is a viral sensation.
Nobody likes Spotify’s new update
The 'Repeat' and 'Go to queue' buttons now live in a sub-menu.
PornHub drops album, premium fees for Valentine’s Day
Whether you have a Valentine or not, Pornhub has your back.
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