Everything from the latest news about strange things in the cosmos to Elon Musk’s latest SpaceX exploits, to what the astronauts on the International Space Station are eating for breakfast.

Stephen Hawking is going to space
Hawking immediately accepted Richard Branson's offer.
NASA releases our first look at TRAPPIST-1 planets
If you squint it looks kinda like Minecraft.
Earth’s oldest known fossils give hope for life on Mars
Earth just gave us a major clue about early signs of life.
Have great name ideas for the TRAPPIST-1 planets? NASA wants to hear them
Planet McPlanetface has already been suggested.
Here’s how NASA could name the 7 newly discovered exoplanets
“Planet McPlanet Face” is an unlikely candidate.
Nebula in the shape of cat ‘toe beans’ photographed by ESO
Now all of the space cat memes are scientific.
NASA’s new photos of Saturn’s rings are out of this world
Cassini's mission began in 1997, and it will come to an end later this year.
NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has a special parting gift for President Obama
And the president had the best response on Twitter.
Watch a space probe land on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon
The footage is being released 12 years after the landing.
Astronauts give the Mannequin Challenge the space funeral it deserves
So long, old friend. We challenged you well.
Light your room with this tiny, rotating replica of the solar system
It's a good reminder that we're all actually on a giant rock hurtling through space.
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