Everything from the latest news about strange things in the cosmos to Elon Musk’s latest SpaceX exploits, to what the astronauts on the International Space Station are eating for breakfast.

NASA astronauts capture ominous footage of Hurricane Irma from space
Photos from outer space capture the devastating reality of Hurricane Irma.
A new study suggests it rains solid diamonds on Neptune and Uranus
Is it really raining diamonds on the ice planets?
How NASA’s using AI to explore the universe—and prevent disaster
AI can help us identify dangerous comets and solar flares before they impact Earth.
All of the total solar eclipses you can see in the U.S. in your lifetime
Mark your calendars, the next total eclipse is in fewer than 7 years.
NASA plans to beam a tweet into space—and it’s taking submissions
Boldly tweet where no one has tweeted before.
NASA has put hundreds of the coolest testing videos you can imagine on YouTube
Watch footage from the 1940s to the present day.
You can now take a tour of the International Space Station using Google Street View
Street View provides annotations containing information about space tech.
Japan made a cute robot ball and turned it into a space photographer
Int-Ball can send photos and videos in real-time to flight crews back on Earth.
NASA will get its first close look at Jupiter’s Great Red Spot today
The oldest storm in space will be photographed up-close for the first time.
SpaceX overcomes risky conditions, recovers 2 rockets in just 48 hours
The aerospace company overcame harsh conditions to recover its reusable spacecraft.
KFC is sending a chicken sandwich to the edge of space—here’s how to watch it live
The flight has now been delayed twice due to bad weather. KFC and World View are rescheduling.
NASA just discovered 219 planets—10 of them could contain life
Many of these rocky planets are said to be ocean worlds.
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