Everything from the latest news about strange things in the cosmos to Elon Musk’s latest SpaceX exploits, to what the astronauts on the International Space Station are eating for breakfast.

Chicago rapper Towkio released his debut album ‘WWW.’ from space—and it’s incredible
Towkio's on top of the world—literally—and his debut album is one of the best releases of the year.
Who is ‘Mr. Steven,’ SpaceX’s giant fairing-catcher boat?
'Mr. Steven' is a strange vessel indeed.
SpaceX successfully launches the first pieces of its radical low-cost internet
The broadband service is scheduled for completion in 2024.
How to watch the SpaceX Falcon 9 PAZ mission launch
SpaceX's next mission sends a pair of internet-beaming satellites into orbit.
The mysterious storage device Elon Musk shot into space
Inspired by Asimov's 'Foundation,' the 'Archs' are made to preserve human history.
NASA probe “New Horizons” snaps farthest-ever photo from Earth
Sorry Voyager 1, you just lost your record.
You can now vote for Lego’s next space set
The top 25 will advance to the next stage.
Watch a livestream of Elon Musk’s Tesla floating through space
The electric vehicle has a long road ahead.
SpaceX successfully launches the world’s most powerful rocket
'Commencing countdown, engines on...'
Watch the SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch livestream here
'I’d say tune in. It’s going to be worth your time.'
Elon Musk is sending a dummy astronaut to space on the Falcon Heavy
SpaceX's largest rocket will lift off on Feb. 6.
Miss the Super Blue Blood Moon? NASA livestreamed the whole thing
The lunar event hasn't occurred since 1866.
NASA honors Christa McAuliffe with teacher’s legacy experiments
More than 30 years after her death, Christa McAuliffe's lessons are coming to life.
Government shutdown forces SpaceX to delay launch of the world’s biggest rocket
The company requires the support of U.S. Air Force personnel.