NBA star scores date with beauty queen via Twitter
Memphis Grizzlies player Quincy Pondexter is making some plans for the offseason.
What is the English Defence League, and why is Anonymous after it?
There have been 200 Islamophobic incidents reported to police since the killing of Drummer Lee Rigby.
Student suspended for starting hashtag that mocked school board
No talking in class, no chewing gum, and most importantly: no starting hashtags that poke fun at your school board's failings.
Webmaster in Djibouti arrested for uploading police photos to Facebook
The alleged crime seems off-kilter as well. He’s facing a court date to defend himself against charges of “insulting a police officer.” 
Every Wikipedia flame war in 1 impressive map
Some of the most epic flame wars the internet has to offer can be found behind the scenes of Wikipedia's more than 37 million articles.
Vietnamese blogger’s site becomes weaponized after his arrest
Trong Duy Nhat is only the most recent citizen arrested for criticizing his government online.
Why did it take Instagram so long to shut down these pedophile pages?
The photos of her daughter had been snagged from her Instagram account without her permission, then reposted on creepy pedophile pages.
Woman on Berlin train outs harassers on Twitter
"The S Bahn is full. Nobody intervenes. … He opened his pants and came up to me."
The frighteningly easy way people can save your Snapchat photos
According to a new YouTube video, all you have to do is hold down the home button to discreetly save a Snapchat photo. 
A blind puppy named Ray Charles wants to drop the ceremonial first puck
The golden retriever, born blind in December, is a lifelong fan of the Boston Bruins. 
Redditors hook up a cancer-stricken bro with Travis Barker
A man dying of pancreatic cancer lived long enough to see one last wish granted.
Fashion by He: Unsuspecting models and overt body-shaming
Fashion by He doesn’t actually do much fashion blogging. It's women's bodies, not their outfits, that are picked apart.
Gay couples get married over Google Hangouts
Weeks before France began allowing marriages of gay couples, several got married without even having to leave the country.
Racist opera butt-dial voicemail gets Papa John’s employee fired
A black Papa John’s customer checked his voicemail to find a butt-dialed racist voicemail by the man who’d just delivered his pizza. 
This 3-D-printed tracheal implant saved an infant’s life
We've extensively covered 3-D-printed products that can take away someone's life. Here's an item that actually saved one.
Yummypets is the social network your cats and dogs deserve
Mark Zuckerberg may not want your pets on Facebook. But Yummypets, a social network for animals and their human counterparts, will gladly accept them.
The key to a successful Oklahoma fundraiser: Atheism
It took a few days, but the Internet has finally found an Oklahoma cause worth donating to: its favorite religion, atheism.