How to use Facebook’s new 3D Photos
It's easy if you have the right equipment.
Reddit’s former product lead says he made the world ‘a worse place’
Reddit's former product chief says growth at all costs is not a healthy strategy.
Melania Trump claims she’s the most bullied person in the world—which no one buys
She later clarified that she was 'one of' the most bullied people.
EPA chief Andrew Wheeler’s social media likes come under fire
He has numerous questionable likes and retweets.
Google+ to shut down following disclosure of security vulnerability
Google discovered the breach back in March but chose not to disclose it.
Facebook to keep profile information for 30 days after account deletion
Useful if you change your mind—but not if you want your account data gone.
Sunday’s Facebook blackout for women rallies against domestic violence
A vague chain message was sent around Facebook yesterday—with suspicious origins.
Executive order draft from Trump would crack down on tech companies
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Report claims that YouTube fosters far-right thinking
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Michael Cohen’s third-person tweet becomes a Reddit conspiracy
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Dr. Phil singing with Good Charlotte is exactly as bad as it sounds
James Corden had the TV doctor perform with the pop-punk band on his show.
Trump declares himself victim in Hurricane Maria death toll
Trump said that the devastation was exaggerated to make him look bad.
Instagram suggests teens should get accounts to avoid being bullied
It's also being accused of encouraging parents to let preteens have accounts.
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Here's how to apply for a verified account on Instagram.
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