Silicon Valley is the heart of tech development, and the culture is so well-known it's become something of a meme. But do TV shows and movies accurately depict what's it's really like working in the Valley? Diversity in tech, sexism, tech-bro culture, unicorns, and stereotypes: This is what it's like in Silicon Valley.

This Bitcoin tie is everyone’s favorite part of the Theranos documentary
It's just one of a number of confusing things uncovered in the new HBO doc.
‘Silicon Valley’ shows it’s a better comedy without T.J. Miller
It's still the most important show about the internet.
‘Silicon Valley’ intro takes a timely jab at Facebook
Now, which Facebook scandal is the show referring to?
Ex-Google engineer says execs discouraged pro-diversity debate
The former employee quit out of fear.
Elon Musk says the so-called ‘sex party’ he attended was just ‘nerds on a couch’
There are conflicting accounts from party attendees.
Amazon, Microsoft employees used company emails to solicit sex
Sex-trafficked women service hundreds of men in the Seattle tech industry every day.
T.J. Miller accused of physical and sexual assault by former college classmate
The woman accused him of punching, choking, and sexually assaulting her while attending George Washington University.
Uber investor Shervin Pishevar takes leave following sexual assault allegations
The Hyperloop One co-founder is taking a leave of absence.
‘Silicon Valley’ actor slams Twitter, Facebook’s ethics in a furious tweetstorm
Kumail Nanjiani says social media giants have a 'blasé' attitude when dealing with abuse.
Uber memo writer Susan Fowler: ‘The second Trump won, I felt super-powerless’
'We shouldn’t put anyone into power that doesn’t have a demonstrated record of public service.'
Trump to launch $200M STEM education initiative with Silicon Valley leaders
The aim is to prepare students for computer science jobs.
Silicon Valley CEO’s story about dying her hair reveals how sexism permeates the tech industry
Women in Silicon Valley still change their appearances to gain respect, but they lose something else.
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