Mastodon is crumbling—and many blame its creator
It was hailed as a progressive alternative to Twitter. But marginalized, queer users are being alienated by well-off tech bros.

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Lady Gaga removes R. Kelly collaboration from iTunes in support of survivors
She also apologized for her collaboration with the R&B singer.
Facebook removes R. Kelly’s page aiming to dismiss survivor accounts
A page created for the website was taken down.
Kevin Spacey’s sexual assault accuser reportedly has video evidence
If convicted, Spacey could face five years in prison.
Tinder exec fired after involvement in lawsuit alleging sexual assault
Match's CEO and the fired Tinder vice president slung allegations via email.
‘Grand Theft Auto’ player says he heard another gamer rape a teen over headset
The suspect was out on bail after another alleged rape.
Christine Blasey Ford will donate GoFundMe remainder to trauma survivors
Christine Blasey Ford is continuing to pay her civic duty forward.
6 Toronto private school students charged with gang rape after video surfaces
Six students at an all-boys Catholic school in Toronto were charged with gang rape.
Thousand Oaks shooter’s high school coach says he sexually assaulted her
Like many mass shooters, it seems Ian David Long was violent against women.
Man arrested for groping woman on plane invokes Trump defense
This is what happens when people who brag about sexual assault are elected president.
Simone Biles, Aly Raisman call out new USA Gymnastics head—days later, she resigns
Mary Bono had attacked the Nike-Colin Kaepernick ad in an unearthed tweet.
Uber driver charged after allegedly kidnapping, groping sleeping passenger
He’s also allegedly defrauded multiple customers for thousands of dollars.
Substitute teacher arrested after she was recorded having sex with student
The teacher faces up to 10 years in prison.
Democratic senator apologizes for ad that misidentified, outed sexual assault victims
Her opponent called it 'revictimization of victims.'
Google is refusing to comply with a subpoena for the Sh*tty Media Men list
Google's response lends more credence to the theory that the lawsuit is nothing more than an intimidation tactic to bully women into silence.
A Miami Uber driver said raping female passenger was a ‘perk’ of the job
Uber under fire for flimsy background checks that make it easy for sexual predators to slip through the cracks.
GoFundMe for Shitty Media Men List creator goes viral after accused man launches lawsuit
Journalists believe Stephen Elliott is trying to intimidate survivors.
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