Multiple women say Aiden frontman ran horrifying ’emo sex cult’
New report details systemic oppression, rape, extortion, and assault by former emo idol.
Chloe Dykstra details ‘long-term’ sexual abuse by ex-boyfriend
Many believe the abusive ex is Chris Hardwick.
‘Impulse’ showrunner discusses re-shooting infamous sexual assault scene
'We’re premiering during the Me Too and Time’s Up movement, but the truth is this has been happening for a long time to women.'
Woman says Riff Raff drugged and raped her in 2013
The rapper's tour has been canceled.
Woman says rapper Young Lo raped her at Chris Brown’s house
The new lawsuit describes a harrowing after-party.
Trump accuser Rachel Crooks is one step closer to the Ohio House
She won the Democratic primary last night.
Junot Díaz and the women writers of color we should have been reading instead
Many women have had to step aside in their careers for men like Diaz—so let's support them.
Author Junot Diaz accused of sexual misconduct, abuse by multiple women
Women say the Pulitzer Prize winner forcibly kissed and verbally abused them.
You don’t have call #MeToo by its name to recognize its power
Cosby jurors say #MeToo didn't influence them—but is that truly possible?
Report: 103 Uber drivers accused of sexual assault or abuse
The 103 drivers are just the tip of the iceberg.
Bill Cosby found guilty on 3 counts of sexual assault
Cosby faces up to 30 years in prison.
Denim Day takes on a more vital meaning in the #MeToo era
Here's how to show support for sexual assault survivors today—and every day.
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