Woman says she was sexually harassed by fellow passengers on flight
'I unexpectedly received these sexually harassing messages on my screen.'
Instagram might reveal an anonymous #MeToo account’s identity
The social media platform has until Nov. 18 to hand over the identities behind the account.
Antonio Brown sent ‘intimidating’ texts to an accuser, including a pic of her children
Brown called her a 'celebrity groupie' and a 'super broke girl with a lot of kids.'
Lawsuit alleges woman was kidnapped by Lyft driver and gang-raped
The victim says she was still expected to pay the ride fare.
Fresh sexual misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh spur calls for impeachment
Kavanaugh reportedly made two Yale classmates touch his penis.
MIT visiting scientist sends department-wide email defending Jeffrey Epstein (updated)
Richard Stallman referred to Jeffrey Epstein's victim as part of a 'harem' in a department-wide email.
A woman with the same name as Antonio Brown’s accuser is getting harassed online
'It ain’t me dawgs. But you can still follow me.'
Antonio Brown accused of rape, sexual assault by former trainer
The NFL player denies the accusations.
14 women sue Lyft, say company failed to address sexual assault complaints
The woman say Lyft doesn't take appropriate actions against drivers.
Lyft received a whopping 7 sexual assault lawsuits in a day
The plaintiffs were still charged for their Lyft rides.
‘Teenage Dream’ co-star accuses Katy Perry of sexual misconduct
'Can you imagine how pathetic and embarrassed I felt?'
CBS stands by ‘Bull’ star Michael Weatherly amid sexual harassment allegations
'It's a very popular show. Michael is loved by our audience.'
Female Twitch streamers are reclaiming the word ‘slut’ through #SlutStreamDay 
'The idea of #SlutStreamDay is to empower women to be themselves.'
Models accuse celebrity photographer Marcus Hyde of sexual misconduct
Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian spoke out after the accusations.
YouTuber Ray Diaz arrested on suspicion of sexual assault
A teenager detailed Diaz's alleged abuse in a fellow YouTuber's video.
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