Bernie Sanders wins Nevada Caucuses
The likely win in Nevada makes it clear Sanders is the early front runner.

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Here we focus on the way sex is talked about online, whether it's via Reddit threads, or on Twitter or Facebook. We talk about the politics of sex, including topics like feminism and men's rights.

Why a comics editor is taking back the Idiot Nerd Girl meme
Dark Horse Comics' Rachel Edidin talks about sexism and geek culture. 
How to survive a heart-wrenching breakup
Here's a seven-step guide for recovering and rebuilding your social life. 
Durex’s Facebook app picks sex soundtrack for partner’s pleasure
The condom company's In-Sync Song Generator is a strong contender for the most awkward app request you can send on Facebook.
“Gay Threesome Sex” YouTube scandal forces teacher to resign
A social studies teacher inadvertantly made his private life very, very public to his high-school class. 
Neighbors’ loud sex hits Reddit, gets dubstep remix
Could a collaboration with Skrillex be next? 
A day of Reddit nostalgia
Redditors talk about the way things used to be in today's digest. Also, learn why smart mammals need to be taught how to have sex.
Women want sex—and they don’t want to wait!
In this day and age, why should women wait for sex? Guys, are you listening?
Sex offenders banned from playing video games online
More than 3,500 video game accounts associated with sex offenders in New York were deleted on Thursday. 
Check in when you score
Before you do it, consider checking in via that condom QR code.
Sex on demand
Are all the apps that allow us to hookup changing the way we date?
Female gamers get more than game
A new survey says female gamers get more sex than their non-gaming counterparts. Sure, men are rejoicing. But are women?
Twitter-bashed teen now target of unfounded suicide rumors
A girl bashed on Twitter for puportedly giving oral sex to a man is now the subject of suicide rumors.
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