Here we focus on the way sex is talked about online, whether it's via Reddit threads, or on Twitter or Facebook. We talk about the politics of sex, including topics like feminism and men's rights.

Stormy Daniels’ story isn’t just about Trump—it’s about women being silenced
Daniels' appearance on '60 Minutes' was a way of pushing back.
Craigslist shuts down its personals section, blaming ‘sex-trafficking’ bill
First Reddit, now Craigslist—which site will be next?
Americans still prefer sex to social media
A new study says we'll willingly give up alcohol, though.
Stormy Daniels is suing Donald Trump
The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court.
Women running sex tech companies deal with an abhorrent amount of harassment
Men, apparently, can't handle women making products for themselves.
How effective are condoms, really?
People aren't perfect, and condom use isn't perfect either. 
Everything you ever wanted to know about sex in the Olympic Villages
Confine thousands of hyped, ultra-fit young people—and, of course, they're going to get it on.
Can someone please tell this man that the vagina is not like a rotting piece of tuna?
This isn't a sex education lesson, but a cautionary tale not to f**k rotting fish.
Amber Rose’s new luxury sex toys aim to de-stigmatize the industry
The 'Toybox' promises pleasure for him and her.
Everything you could ever want to know about foot fetishes
Some are in it for the toes, some love the funk.
AI-generated fake porn is on the rise—and it has huge implications
One Redditor made an app so anyone can create fake porn videos.
Dad bods and realistic plots: The case for amateur porn
You don't have to be a pro to be a porn star.
Trump’s lawyer reportedly arranged payment to porn star before 2016 election
Trump's representatives skirted around the reports.
Elon Musk says the so-called ‘sex party’ he attended was just ‘nerds on a couch’
There are conflicting accounts from party attendees.