How a socialist Twitch streamer landed in a feud with Dan Crenshaw
'I’d rather be uncivil and advocate to end wars than be civil and justify more of them.'

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Here we focus on the way sex is talked about online, whether it's via Reddit threads, or on Twitter or Facebook. We talk about the politics of sex, including topics like feminism and men's rights.

Study links emoji use to more sex
Emoji may help you find that special someone.
Jeffrey Epstein reportedly wanted to seed the human race himself
He spoke about the idea since the beginning of the 2000s.
Trans/Sex: From orgasms to dysphoria, the truth about vaginoplasty
Recovering from vaginoplasty is a journey—but a worthwhile one.
Orgasm Oddities: We tried the Wobbling Willy, a customizable bobblehead dildo
Can a bobblehead dildo do more than make you laugh?
The Enby is a sex toy for enbies like me
Is it possible for a sex toy to work for all bodies?
Trans/Sex: Strap-ons for trans women, inclusive porn games, and online dating
Buy a gender-affirming strap-on or play a trans-inclusive adult game.
Men on Reddit seem terrible at relationships
Author's tweets uncover cringe-worthy anecdotes.
One true pairing: Real-life love stories from the heart of fanfic
Five couples who met in the internet's most passionate corners tell us their stories.
Twitter suspended me for making a ‘slut’ joke. But what if I am a slut?
Twitter seems to have a problem with reclaimed slurs.
The sex strike makes zero sense
Why should women deny themselves pleasure to teach men a lesson?
Women are promoting a #SexStrike on Twitter to protest restrictive abortion laws
Actress and activist Alyssa Milano took to Twitter to call for a sex strike.
Bang your favorite Avenger with this geeky sex toy collection
If 'Avengers: Endgame' made you horny, we have good news for you.
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