Here we focus on the way sex is talked about online, whether it's via Reddit threads, or on Twitter or Facebook. We talk about the politics of sex, including topics like feminism and men's rights.

What is S&M? Your guide to the pain and pleasure of sadomasochism
We're not talking about the Rihanna song.
Governor bans sex puns on free condom wrappers
The ''offensive packaging' didn't get proper approval.
This nurse is getting dragged for sharing false information about STDs on TikTok
People are saying the video makes them more nervous about going to the doctor.
OB-GYN combines TikTok lip syncs with safe sex education
Watch her dance to Doja Cat and list herpes facts.
Man refuses to believe he gave women chlamydia
'You're not the first girl to come up claiming I gave it to them when I didn't, so I could care less.'
The decade that dating apps exposed all our sh*t
From ‘Catfish’ to Me Too, hooking up changed in the 2010s. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
T.I.’s daughter returns to Instagram following hymen controversy
Deyjah Harris debuted a new look two months after her father's comments sparked backlash.
ASAP Rocky defends his allegedly leaked sex tape after getting roasted on Twitter
Here’s everything you need to know about virtual reality sex
The future is here, and it's teledildonic.
The 2010s were a decade of sexual revolution
The 2010s made us think harder about how we perceive pleasure.
People are creeped out T.I. takes his daughter to the gynecologist yearly to check her hymen
'I will say as of her 18th birthday, her hymen is still intact.'
10 sex-positive porn sites anyone can enjoy
Let's rewrite the script and nix the "porn for women" category once and for all.
Trans/Sex: Porn has a trans representation problem
It's an industry problem, not a performer one.
7 sites for streaming live sex between real couples
Whether your kink is group sex or cuckolding, these sites have you covered.
Can vibrators make oral sex better?
Sex should be fun—and oral vibrators might help with that.
What is a BDSM test, and what do your results mean?
Are you a master, a switch, or something else?
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