Here we focus on the way sex is talked about online, whether it's via Reddit threads, or on Twitter or Facebook. We talk about the politics of sex, including topics like feminism and men's rights.

15 popular dating sites for people who practice BDSM
Consider this your master guide to the top BDSM dating sites.
Porn is gone from Tumblr, but here are the best alternative sites
From Mastodon to Pillowfort, you can still get your fix.
Polyamory isn’t a ‘political weapon,’ it’s a way of life for queer folks
Quartz's whitewashed, straight-washed poly piece excludes a vast number of experiences.
The best sex toys for couples to heat up the holidays
If you’re in need of a sexy or naughty gift, look no further than LELO.
Cyber Monday deals so NSFW they’ll turn you on
Deep discounts from LELO, PicoBong, SKYN/Lifestyles and more.
Trans/Sex: How estrogen changed my sex life
When I started HRT, I had to become my own sex ed teacher.
These NSFW Black Friday Deals will flirt with your wild side
We're talking cheap condoms, the LELO SONA, and so much more.
Scientists say humans will be having lots of sex in self-driving cars
We'll be hanging out a lot more in these things by the 2040s, researchers say.
8 adult toys that make sex while pregnant even more enjoyable
Consider this your briefer on pregnancy sex, pregnancy sex toys and positions.
Nevada elects infamous brothel owner Dennis Hof weeks after he died
Hof's seat in the state Assembly will be replaced with another Republican.
What it really means to be in a dominant/submissive relationship
Real D/s relationships go beyond 'Fifty Shades.'
Researchers taught an AI how to give good head
It uses machine learning to improve the sex experience.
5 of the best free sites to have a fling online in 2019
Tinder is trouble–try one of these top fling sites instead.
5 online hookup sites that actually work
Sick of swiping? These are the best online hookup sites for casual dating.
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