At the forefront of an emerging online civil rights movement are the escorts, strippers, BDSM professionals, porn stars, and others who make up the sex worker community. The Daily Dot covers sex work news and personalities with the same gravity and intensity as any other Internet community beat.

Craigslist shuts down its personals section, blaming ‘sex-trafficking’ bill
First Reddit, now Craigslist—which site will be next?
Controversial ‘sex-trafficking’ bill is passed—and sex workers are already feeling its impact
Reddit has already banned subreddits that sex workers turn to for help.
The internet is leaving cam girls vulnerable
Even thousands of miles and a computer screen can't protect women from creeps.
This ‘feminist’ porn site is allegedly hosting stolen porn
Pretty sure you can't be 'sex-positive' while pirating videos from sex workers.
Library nerd Ela Darling is here to change your VR porn experience
The former cam girl wants to bring your fantasies as close to reality as possible.
Breaking the ‘precious gift’ myth of virginity auctions
It's time we have an honest conversation about the flawed concept of 'virginity.'
Police call for Grindr and other gay-friendly apps to be banned in Indonesia
The country is also considering a ban on gay sex.
This stripper is funding a book of 300 club tales with an 80s-style infomercial
'Striptastic!' has been slowly leaked on Instagram.
This dark net brothel makes finding sex as easy as hailing an Uber
Every business sells a product. Dosug's is sex work 2.0.
A Louisiana representative actually proposed weight and age limits for strippers
The legislation would cap stripping jobs at age 28 and under 160 lbs.
Trans and plus-size porn stars are sick of being sidelined at awards shows
Despite high sales, BBW and transgender porn stars are rarely critically acknowledged.
Foot dentistry and muscle gnawing: Sex workers reveal weirdest requests on Reddit
Hundreds of bizarre client fetishes are spilled on AskReddit thread.
How I came to embrace my past as a sex worker
Six years ago, I was outed as a former sex worker and lost my job as a public school teacher. I’ve finally accepted that there are no 'fresh starts.'
U.K. sex workers sound off on laws they say compromise their safety
Activists fight against Nordic model, call for decriminalization.
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