At the forefront of an emerging online civil rights movement are the escorts, strippers, BDSM professionals, porn stars, and others who make up the sex worker community. The Daily Dot covers sex work news and personalities with the same gravity and intensity as any other Internet community beat.

What ‘Hustlers’ got right and wrong about the sex work industry
Stripping isn't a glamorous job, really.
Sex workers explain everything wrong with Netflix’s ‘Bonding’
For starters, the new show downplays consent.
If you want to support trans rights, then decriminalize sex work
Sex workers and trans people fight the same oppressors.
Sex workers called it: ‘Anti-sex-trafficking’ law causes more sex trafficking
The lack of online resources is forcing sex workers back onto the streets, where they are more vulnerable.
Where to find the best NSFW content on Mastodon
Check out a performer's cam show or commission queer porn on this Tumblr alternative.
Performer Lily Adams says porn director raped her
Gamma Films as since suspended the director.
Tumblr’s busted NSFW algorithm suggests a dark future for online sex work
This is only the beginning for how porn will be moderated.
Tumblr’s adult content ban will devastate its most vulnerable communities
Tumblr is kicking out the very people that made it grow.
ThotAudit is an anti-sex worker harassment movement built on lies and half-truths
Right-wing Twitter is trying to report sex workers to the IRS.
Here’s why sex work is legitimate work
Do not confuse it with 'sex trafficking.'
Organizers cancel massive sex worker conference to protect attendees
Between the new FOSTA law and the increased anti-immigrant sentiment, they were worried for the safety of attendees.
Rudy Giuliani thinks feminists shouldn’t support porn. He’s wrong
Please stop mansplaining porn to women, Rudy.
What is Backpage, and why did it shut down?
With Backpage gone, the internet's future is uncertain.
Feminists, we need to listen to sex workers
Stop belittling their rights.
Trump signs controversial ‘sex-trafficking’ bill FOSTA into law
Sex workers warn the law will lead to deaths.
7 Backpage officials charged with facilitating illegal sex work, money laundering
The website's co-founders are among those charged.
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