Pinterest Zoom application identified as adware
Pinners beware: a new add-on may not be what it claims to be. 
Etsy launches bug bounty program
The marketplace site joins Google and Facebook in offering rewards to hackers who point out security weaknesses.
Leaked Apple device IDs came from app developer, not FBI
Although AntiSec hackers claim they stole 1 million Apple device ID numbers from the FBI, a digital publishing company has come forward as the real source of the leak.
Social Q&A site Formspring gets hacked, resets all passwords
420,000 stolen passwords were posted on a security forum Wednesday.
Tumblr security hole has researchers concerned
A cross-site scripting vulnerability means hackers could access users' accounts or launch a worm.
Why Twitter’s new security won’t keep you safe
Secure browsing is a smart move, but there's still more to do.
Hiding your tracks with Tor could be risky, say some
A popular tool for hiding illicit Internet traffic may be vulnerable to attack say some experts.
Security flaw leaves hotel safe virtually unlocked
A new video explains why you're at risk of coming back to zero when you rely on a hotel safe.
Facebook offers bounty to hackers
In a move controversial with many users, Facebook is offering a "bug bounty" to any hacker who finds a security issue and reports it.
Smile: You’re in an ad (like it or not)
LinkedIn didn't tell you you might be featured in an ad. Users have figured it out and they're not happy.
Charitable subreddits add more security
Reddit’s charitable subreddits are beefing up security
Yfrog boss: We’re not the Weiner hole
The CEO of ImageShack, the service that posts millions of photos daily to people’s Twitter accounts, denied Thursday that his site had a security “hole,” as reported by the Daily Dot.
Weiner hole exposed: Congressman, millions left vulnerable
A flaw in Twitter photo-hosting service Yfrog may have left Rep. Anthony Weiner exposed.
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