Police across the U.S. are buying boxes that can unlock your iPhone
They can unlock 2 iOS 11 phones at once.
Uber overhauls safety measures, will start conducting annual background checks
The ride-hailing giant also made it easier to contact 911.
Facebook is offering a free VPN app so it can spy on your browsing habits
It reportedly used the tool to gain an advantage over social media rivals.
Millions of smart TVs are vulnerable to hackers
Here's what you can do to protect yourself.
Report: Chinese companies learned of Intel chip flaws before U.S. government
Intel's decision could have impacted the security of devices in the U.S.
‘Skygofree’ and ‘GhostTeam’ malware puts Android phones in danger
Both attacks are capable of controlling social media accounts.
Hawaii agency that sent false missile alert exposed a password on Post-it note
A spokesperson at the agency confirmed the password's legitimacy.
The most popular cryptocurrency scams—and how to avoid them
Before you invest, you need to do some research.
Intel CEO sold millions in shares after learning about critical processor flaw
The company claims the sale is unrelated to the chip vulnerability.
Drone maker DJI accused of sending sensitive U.S. info to China
The Chinese drone maker denies the allegations.
Apple releases patch to fix critical macOS High Sierra admin flaw
Apple says to 'install this update as soon as possible.'
Face ID fails the mask test—again
Security researchers consider this a 'critical vulnerability.'
Google caught receiving location data from Android phones
An update to remove the location-tracking software is coming.
Amazon Key flaw lets couriers stay in your home unnoticed
Couriers could freeze the video feed without customers noticing.
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