Reports from the forefront of scientific advancements, as well as off-the-beaten-path quirky stories about the strange things researchers do in the name of knowledge and truth. Also, funny hashtags nerds create on Twitter.

YouTube Guide: “Share It Maybe”
Even the Cookie Monster can’t resist Carly Rae Jensen’s hit single. Plus, meat for breakfast and the science of superheroes. 
Watch dramatic chemical reactions in GIF form
r/ChemicalReactionGifs presents science that sizzles, ignites, and explodes.
Dollars for science: Petridish launches
Got an experiment? A new site might let strangers back it.
Canvas blasts Obama with marshmallow cannon meme
President Obama marveled at a marshmallow cannon at the White House Science Fair on Tuesday. Then the Canvas community went to work. 
YouTube goes to school
YouTube is trying to cater to schools.
Science for the masses
Reddit holds a good old fashioned science fair. Except that it is, of course, online.
Space, from $400 round-trip
Educator uses Reddit to drum up interest for weekend space program.
#greenfieldisms: Can a hashtag change science?
Usually when a scientist’s theory turns out to be false, people don’t hear much about it. But a debate prompted by a simple hashtag may be changing that.
In the name of science — give me a break!
Reddit’s altruistic scientists need a break.
4chan word cloud is shocking, scientific
Taking 5,576,095 random posts from the unmoderated, anonymous free-for-all known simply as “/b/” -- one of several forums which comprise the imageboard 4chan -- Andres Monroy-Hernandez and his research associates at MIT created a word picture to illustrate what posters to /b/ talk about the most. 
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