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Bulls**t climate change video gets millions of views on Facebook
An environmental scientist is calling the platform out.
Rising sea levels are threatening our internet infrastructure
Key internet infrastructure could be completely submerged in fewer than 15 years.
Scientists figured out a way to implant holographic brain images
The experiment invites comparisons to science fiction—and the fears that this technology will inevitably be used for mind control. But are they valid?
How Reddit killed one of its most popular AMAs
Recent changes by Reddit have forced moderators to take drastic actions to highlight quality content.
This video of fast-moving lava flow in Hawaii will make your jaw drop
The volcanic activity has been going on for weeks.
NASA announces a tiny helicopter will travel to Mars in 2020
The helicopter could uncover new, never-before-seen aspects of Mars.
YouTube chemist says his scientific experiments will get him banned
'I do not get the views like Logan Paul that would warrant YouTube looking the other way on my content.'
Secretive startup will use gene therapy to reverse aging in dogs—and humans are next
Trials on pets are expected to begin within the next year.
The footage from Hawaii’s erupting volcano is spectacular and terrifying
Lava soared as high as 125 feet into the air.
NASA nuclear reactor could enable ‘unprecedented exploration’ of space
The reactor means longer missions for astronauts.
Gaze into the depths of the galaxy’s most accurate star map
The European Space Agency just published this incredibly detailed map of the Milky Way.
NASA scientists puzzled by mysterious circles in Arctic sea ice
Even NASA scientists aren't quite sure how they formed.
The Scully Effect is real: More female ‘X-Files’ fans pursued STEM careers
Dana Scully had a big influence on women starting careers in STEM fields.